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1 #SmarterEnterprise Driving a Future-Ready Enterprise Chad Peruba, Business Unit Executive, Performance Management Strategy IBM Business Analytics [email protected].com

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IBMs Chad Peruba on the opportunities for CFO's to prepare enterprises for mobile-driven innovation. Presented at the Smarter Enterprise Summit in Edmonton, October 2, 2014.


  • 1. Driving a Future-Ready EnterpriseChad Peruba,Business Unit Executive, Performance Management StrategyIBM Business [email protected] #SmarterEnterprise

2. New dynamics put new pressures on CFOsRegulatory environment Uncertainty and volatility Uneven economic recovery Growing shareholder expectations Changes to currency and financialinstitutions Globalization and demographic shifts...growth and job creation are still tooweak. New risks are arising while severalold risks remain. (IMF) Higher levels of transparency New cybersecurity / informationsecurity regulations Focus on corporate governance75% of security breaches are driven byfinancial motives (Verizon)Business model innovation Changing nature of transactions(e.g., mobile) Partnering for speed Growth in emerging markets Cash-rich balance sheetsIn the U.S., non-financial companies havea record $1.45 trillion in cash (Forbes)2 #SmarterEnterprise 3. CFO insights from the IBM Global C-suite Study:576 CFO interviews from around the worldCentral and Eastern Europe57Western Europe15519Middle East and Africa 51Asia Pacific3 #SmarterEnterpriseJapan98North America102South America94Source: Question E--Participant Country 4. Enterprises want to do better in five key areas4 #SmarterEnterprise 5. Three analytics imperatives drive a future-ready enterpriseTransform thesystem ofengagementSpan finance andoperations, risk &performance management5 #SmarterEnterpriseInfuse scenarioand predictiveintelligenceGuided business processes, mobile, collaborationFinancial & OperationalPerformance ManagementNarrative Reporting &Disclosure ManagementSales PerformanceManagementGovernance, Risk andCompliancePredictive intelligence and scenario analyticsBig data platform 6. Spanning the EnterpriseIBM FOPM Customers use the solution in all areas of their organizationnot just finance. Campaignscorecards Promotion plans Customer andproductprofitability Revenue plansStrategy and activity driver-aligned organization Sales dashboards Sales forecasts Incentivecompensation Quota plans Territories Sales channelsMarketing Sales Operations HR Finance6 #SmarterEnterprise Enterprisescorecards Strategicfinancial plans Profit and loss Balance sheets Cash flow Workforce KPIs Headcountplans Salary andcompensation Staffing plans Training anddevelopment Operational KPIs Strategy andoperations plans Capacity andinventory plans Product allocation New products 7. Leading customers move beyond FinanceTop Planning Areas From A Surveyof Top 75 Best-Practice IBM Customers7 #SmarterEnterpriseHuman ResourcesSales PlanningProduction & DistributionMarketingOtherBeyondFinance67%Finance*33%Financial StatementsExpense PlanningCapital & Initiative*220 Planning Applications across 75 companies.Every company has at least one Finance implementation 8. IBM Big Data & Analytics Performance Blueprints pre-defined solutions andaccelerators to speed up automation and best-practices Pre-defined solution buildingCap ExSALESHUMANRESOURCESWorkforcePlanningWorkforce& CompensationExpenses8 #SmarterEnterpriseblocks Pre-defined data,process, and policymodels Share best-practices Increase project successrate Accelerate time-to-value Drive better outcomes Increase plan & forecastreliability Optimize resourceallocations Improve decision qualityIBM Big Data &AnalyticsPerformanceBlueprintsIntegratedFinancial Planning& ForecastingExpensePlanning &ControlCapitalExpenditurePlanningFINANCEOPERATIONS,MARKETING,ETC.DepreciationExpensesRevenue PlanMarket DemandProductProfitabilityAnalyticsOther Operating ExpensesSalesPlanning &ForecastingWorkforcedriver 9. Latest releases, 4Q2104 Expense Planning and Control. Create driver-based expenseplans that align with corporate objectives using an intuitive andintegrated planning process that resolves the challenges oflengthy expense planning cycles and disconnected plans. Capital Expenditure Planning. Manage capital project requests,their justification and the capital request approval process. Workforce Planning. Gain forward-looking visibility intoworkforce decisions at both the divisional and company levels anduse headcount projections as drivers in other planning processes. Sales Planning and Forecasting. Manage your organizationsrevenues, archive historical data and projections forreference/analysis and integrate the sales planning process intosupply chain forecasts, headcount projections, salescompensation planning, and integrated financials. Product Profitability Analytics. Uncover product levelprofitability in the context of operational business decisions,moving profitability management from your CFO's office to thefront lines where decisions affecting profitability are really made9 #SmarterEnterprise 10. What is predictive analytics?I do not know what I may appear to the world, butto myself I seem to have been only like a boyplaying on the sea-shore, and diverting myself innow and then finding a smoother pebble or aprettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great oceanof truth lay all undiscovered before me.Sir Isaac NewtonPredictive analytics helps connectdata to effective action by drawingreliable conclusions about currentconditions and future events.Gareth Herschel, researchdirector,Gartner Group10 #SmarterEnterprise 11. The Power of Predictive Modeling and quantifying thebusiness Scaling the analytics to includesmall subsets of the businessto the entire organization Providing an interactive userexperience to manage dataand scenarios Enabling scope to coveralmost all operational andfinancial aspects of thebusiness Direct integration to predictiveintelligence modeling forstatistical impactTransactionhistoryLikelihood of churnFuture lifetime valueCredit worthinessConsumer dataTransactionhistorySocial mediahistoryIBM offers best-in-class predictive andbig data analytics11 #SmarterEnterpriseProfitabilityanalysis onretention,performanceand patterns 12. REDEFINING YOUR SYSTEM OF ENGAGEMENTNeed to tap into more knowledgeNeed to make quicker, betterinformed decisionsOut of the office shouldnt meanout of the loopToo few peopleengaged tooinfrequentlyDecision makinglatencyWorkers tetheredto theirlaptop12 #SmarterEnterprise 13. Todays System of Engagement13 #SmarterEnterpriseIndividualPhone CallsExcel AnalysisGroup EmailDelays inResponseMoreEmailsMoreDelaysMoreDelaysTake Action More Calls(Finally) MoreDelaysCollaboration? 14. 14 #SmarterEnterprise2013 IBM Corporation Confidential. Do not distribute. 15. 15 #SmarterEnterprise 16. 16 #SmarterEnterprise 17. 17 #SmarterEnterprise 18. 18 #SmarterEnterprise 19. 19 #SmarterEnterprise 20. 20 #SmarterEnterprise 21. 21 #SmarterEnterprise 22. 22 #SmarterEnterprise 23. 23 #SmarterEnterprise 24. IBM Concert Transforms the Way You WorkCOLLABORATIVEUser ExperienceTASK LISTSPersonalized and PrioritizedMETRICSFocus On What Is ImportantALERTSInstant NotificationsMOBILESupport for iOS andAndroid#SmarterEnterpriseProfitabilityModeling andOptimizationScorecardingand StrategyManagementPlanningBudgeting andForecastingManagementandPerformanceReporting24 25. Three imperatives for improving management outcomesDecrease effort Increase focusDatacollectionTransform the systemof engagement25 #SmarterEnterpriseNew businessmodelingProfitabilityand pricingPerformancescorecardingErrorcheckingProcessmonitoringIncrease in value from analytic initiatives12Span The Enterprise3 The Power of Predtive 26. IBM Watson Analytics consumable predictive intelligence26 #SmarterEnterpriseInfuse scenarioand predictiveintelligence 27. Business valueassessmentAlign businesscapabilities withbusiness strategy, andrecommend a roadmap for improvedvalue.Solution workshopLay out the path ahead,from immediateimprovements to acommon future vision.27 #SmarterEnterpriseProof of conceptProve the path forward,starting small andscaling up.1Visioning workshopWhether via webseminar, at your facilityor in an IBM solutioncenter, we can begincharting a course.234IBM Big Data & AnalyticsPerformance BlueprintsTake proven next steps 28. Next Steps Meet me in the Social Caf to continue the conversation Find more information about Performance Management at Please join us at Insight 2014, the conference for Big Data and Analytics, atMandalay Bay in Las Vegas, October 26 30. More information is available inthe Social Caf or you can visit #SmarterEnterprise 29. Join us at IBM Insight 2014.the largest big data in the worldsessions and innovativeStreams on Business Analytics,Enterprise Content ManagementAnd Information Managementfoundnetworkingopportunitiesinvaluablebusiness- and industry-focusedsessions featuringtop experts from aroundthe worldtechnical sessions,hands- on labs anddeveloper activities thatinclude cloud, mobile,security, social, Watsonand moreexhibitors at the EXPOIncluding showcasesfrom 250+ Business Partnersin training, certification, hands-on labs,networking, executive one-on-one meetings,expert talks and food and entertainmentclient andBusiness Partnerspeakers fromacross all industriesattendees at the one-dayBusiness Partner SummitAttend IBM Insight to learn how big data andanalytics can help you outperform your peers.With IBM business and technical solutions forbig data and analytics, you can turn cloud,mobile and social into competitive advantage.IBM, the IBM logo, and are trademarks of IBM Corp., registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. Other product and service names might be trademarksof IBM or other companies. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the web at Copyright and trademark information at Copyright IBM Corporation 2014. 30. 30 #SmarterEnterprise 31. 31 #SmarterEnterprise