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<p>Hybrid Vs Native Apps</p> <p>Hybrid Vs Native AppsHow To Make Quick Decision?</p> <p>Are You Confused Whether To Build Native Mobile App Or Hybrid App?</p> <p>NativeHybrid</p> <p>Stay Cool! I Can Help You</p> <p>First Lets Have A Look At One-Liners On Native &amp; Hybrid Apps</p> <p>Hybrid App:Developer augments web code with native SDK. Can be easily deployed across multiple platform and is usually the cheaper and faster solution</p> <p>Native App:This is platform (iOS, Android etc.) specific and requires unique expertise. However the full potential of the platform can be leveraged which will drive great user experience and larger app capabilities (especially around phone hardware). Can be pricey based on requirement and take longer to develop.</p> <p>5 Questions To Ask Before You Decide</p> <p>Do you want to use native features in the Mobile App?If your app is heavy on native phone capability and this is your primary USP, then native app development will work best. While building a Hybrid Mobile App, depending on the framework that you adopt (there are several in the market), you may or may not have access to native features.</p> <p>How quickly do you want to take it to the market?If you want to launch the mobile app quickly to the market with limited resources, it would be wise to go with hybrid app approach, which will help to launch your app on multiple platforms in a short time.</p> <p>Do you have separate budget for developers in iOS and Android (considering that they dominate the market share)?If you can allocate separate budget foriPhone developmentandAndroid developmentresources, and you have liberty of time to take it to the market, then you dont have to worry much; go for native app!</p> <p>How often do you need to update your mobile app?If you need to make frequent updates to your app, which means that the user will have to update from the App Store regularly (and not annoying them with that), then you should consider a hybrid app.</p> <p>Do you want to have the best user experience?If you want to create an awesome user experience, the native app approach would be better.</p> <p>Think Carefully &amp; Decide Which One You Want To Build.</p> <p>If You Want Us To Help Please Log On To http://ekipa.co/Talk-To-Expert</p>