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  • 1.Territories of the Face

2. Self Examination
3. Warm UP: Draw a cartoon version of yourself as a famous historical figure.
4. The Old Master
5. The Old MasterRembrandt van Rijn created more than 90 portraits of himself that date from the outset of his career in the 1620s to the year of his death in 1669.He created an autobiography in art that is the equal of the finest ever produced
6. "Over the years, Rembrandt's self-portraits increasingly became a means for gaining self-knowledge, and in the end took the form of an interior dialogue: a lonely old man communicating with himself while he painted."
7. 1627-28
8. 1628
9. 1629
10. 1629
11. 1629
12. 1629
13. 1630
14. 1630
15. 1631
16. 17. 1631
18. 1632
19. 1634
20. 1634
21. 1634
22. 1636
23. no date
24. 1639
25. 1640
26. 1642
27. 1642-43
28. 1645
29. 1648
30. 1658
31. 1659
32. 1659
33. 1661
34. 1662
35. 1665-69
36. 1669
Aged 63
37. 1669
Aged 63
38. 1669
39. 1669
40. Updated Version
41. The True Image
42. Cozy Cafe - in the East Village. 43 East 1st Street orthe Piink Pony on Ludlow.
43. Portrait Periods
The National Portrait Gallery of London
44. Portrait Periods
Elizabethan and Tudor 1485 to 1603
45. 1505
46. 1521-25
47. 1535-40
48. Portrait Periods
Stuart Period 1603 to 1714
49. 1613
50. 1618
51. 1629
52. Portrait Periods
Georgian and Regency 1714 to 1837
53. 1700
54. 1747-49
55. 1761-62
56. Portrait Periods
Victorian and Edwardian 1837 to 1901
57. 1834
58. 1842
59. 1863-68
60. Portrait Periods
Twentieth Century
61. 1914
62. 1918
63. 1929
64. 1936
65. 1980
66. Portrait Periods
Contemporary 1990+
67. 1990
68. 1995
69. 1997
70. 1999
72. Portraits
From Various Sources
73. Chuck Close
74. Chuck Close
75. Lucian Freud
76. Alex Katz
77. Clementine Hunter
78. Francis Bacon
79. Andy Warhol
80. Frida Kahlo
81. Portrait How To
From Various Sources
82. 83.
84. 85. 86. 87. 88. Don't Do That!
DON'T draw an eye like this! So many things are wrong with it. Notice that the eyebrow is kind of close to the eye itself. Should it really be this way? Often, the eyebrow is higher up. Look at your model closely, and make sure that you get the eyebrow placed in the proper place.
The eye is too much like a fat almond shape here. The eye should have more of an angular, asymmetrical almond shape. There is no tear duct thingie. People will notice its absence, if only subconsciously.
The thickness on the bottom lid is drawn badly. This area should be drawn with a delicate touch - if not, the eye will look uncomfortable. The hard line that goes all across the bottom lid is not flattering.
The line underneath it (where the eyelashes are) just makes the whole bottom lid look ugly.
The eyelashes look too spikey, and are starting to resemble spider's legs. Creepy-looking.
The iris is not round. It has to be round! ROUND, I tell you! The pupil also is not round, and is not concentric with the iris. Too much of the iris is showing. Usually (unless the person has had waaay too much caffiiene) there is a lot more of the iris concealed underneath the top eyelid.
Also, what are those wheel-spoke lines coming out from the pupil? That's just wrong. Wrong, I tell you!
There is no shading on the eye, eyelid, or anywhere. It makes the eye look flat.
89. Step One
Split the bottom half of the face into three equal sections between the bottom of the eyes and the bottom of the chin. Use a pencil and don't try too hard to be perfect as this part of the drawing is very rough.
90. Step Two
Draw in with a pencil the bottom or tip of the nose that should rest on the first third line of the bottom half of the face.
91. Step Three
Fill in the upper lip by drawing a line about half way up the second third of the bottom half of the face. The edge of the mouth should line up with the middle of the eyes
92. Step Four
Pencil in the indent of the chin by drawing a line half way up the bottom third of the bottom half of the face. The nose, middle of the lips and chin indent should all line up.
93. Step Five
Sketch the bottom of the chin in line with the bottom of the third section.
94. Step Six
Indicate hairline about half way up the upper half of the face. This would indicate a younger portrait whereas a hairline further up indicates a receding line or an older person.
95. Step Seven
Use pencil to draw in the rest of the features marked out in previous steps.