Humanism and the Renaissance

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Humanism and the Renaissance. Literary Humanists. Francesco Petrarch (1304-1374) Father of Humanism Italian poet, author Loved Classical world, despised Dark Ages & papal corruption His solution: Reconstruct G-R world Study/imitate G-R world Reform own society - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Humanism and the Renaissance

Humanism and the Renaissance

Literary HumanistsFrancesco Petrarch (1304-1374) Father of HumanismItalian poet, authorLoved Classical world, despised Dark Ages & papal corruptionHis solution:Reconstruct G-R worldStudy/imitate G-R worldReform own societyWrote biographies, love poems, letters to friends, scholarly annotations, etc.

Civic HumanistsApplying study/imitation of Classical world to contemporary politicsPromote virtues, libertyPraises republicsSenator Byrd (W.V.)Active vs. contemplative lifeEx: Coluccio Salutati,Nicolo MachiavelliLeonardo Bruni

Educational HumanistsStudy of Latin grammar, Roman history, Roman literature, Classical valuesRhetoric and oratory are important for public lifeAnalogy of a honeybee and nectarGuarino of Verona (1374-1460), maestroPier Paolo Vergerio, maestro

Scholarly HumanistsAd fontesHumanist librariesLorenzo Valla (Noble, p. 401)Donation of ConstantineAnnotations on N.T.Neo-PlatonismPico della Mirandola

Historical HumanistsNicolo Machiavelli (1469-1527)The Prince & Discourses on Livy & plays & ....Civil servant of Florentine RepublicFather of modern political scienceConversed with the ancients in his study....

Francesco Guicciardin (1483-1540)Historian, statesman, friend of MachiavelliThe History of Italy (multivolume work, w/ innovative use of sources and historiography)Diplomat and civil servant


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