How UX Design Has Changed The World

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UX design (or user experience design) is becoming an increasingly important field for business owners around the world. Good UX design can make a website many times more profitable, while poor UX design can put a company out of business in the right situations. It's worth taking a look to determine if YOUR business could be furthered by some great user experience design.


<ul><li>User Experience DESIGN </li><li>brought to you by </li><li>Click this button to tweet the information on each slide </li><li>Good design instills trust and credibility </li><li>It takes 1/20th of a second for users to decide if they like a website or not </li><li>There is a high demand for UI/UX designers and they make a lot of money Freelance UI/UX design range $30-$120/hr </li><li>What is UX design? </li><li>UX is how the user feels about the experience with a product or service. </li><li>What is UI design? </li><li>UI design deals with the specic user interface(s) of a product or ser- vice. The UI can be a component of UX, but many user experiences don't have UIs. </li><li>UX design vs UI design </li><li>Good user experience design requires you to think like a user EMPATHY </li><li>Technology is replacing jobs but there will always be a need for creative designers to connect humans with machines </li><li>The future of UI design </li><li>Good design makes life simpler and more efficient </li><li>brought to you by Learn more about how we can help your UX design </li></ul>