How to Stay Positive in Tough Times?

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5 Ways to Stay Positive in tough times

When it rains look for rainbows. When its dark look for starsLife is all about vivid experiences that shape our personalities at every step. Its a wondrous journey that takes all of us through various phases showing us what happiness, sadness, success, failure or love and hatred feels like. A lot of challenges come and go and one of those challenges is dealing with tragedies. Everyone faces some or the other tragedy in life, be it regarding family, career, relationships or self. And so it is very important to accept the reality in every situation and find ways to be happy after all. Thus it is important to be happy in every situation and learn how to stay positive in tough times and also to stay focused when the time is on your side. Sometimes you need those bad days, because it helps you truly appreciate the good ones.

1. Being Strong Is Not an Option

You have to be strong there are no choicesThe first and foremost thing to do is, to be strong and brave enough not to bring ourselves down with the one thing that happened wrong. Being so, we can face any tragedy that may come our way and turn every challenge into an opportunity.

It is said that, You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.

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In this way we get to explore our limits and our resilience may surprise us. Stand tall in every situation so that all the problems seem very small to even bother. Even failures are difficult to handle especially when its the first time. But we must remember that every failure comes with a lesson and so we should not be disheartened ; instead we should be a sport and accept defeat and try not to repeat the mistakes that we did before. Allow tragedy to fortify your strength; refuse to let it weaken you, because staying strong is the thing which will allow you to stay positive in tough times.

2. Have Faith Something Better is Coming Your Way

Faith is seeing light with your heart when all your eyes see is darknessFaith is a force that drives humanity, be it good or bad. So even in times of the worst of tragedies occurring in life, we must have faith and await the good to happen.Theres a saying that goes, everything that happens, happens for something good. Its true to every word because if we look back at our experiences of life, we will find that they had a reason behind them and the worst incidents that happened had some good hidden behind them.

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For example, lets do an activity:

Think of one gruesome tragedy of your life. Now think of all the reasons why it was good that it happened. What did you achieve personally because of it? Im sure all of us would have many answers such as; strength to face a situation like that or a lesson for life or would have identified our abilities and strengths which we were unaware about. So theres good in everything but we have to have patience and wait for the storm to pass and see the rainbow.

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