How to Sell Food at an Event

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<ul><li> How to SellFood at anEvent </li> <li> How to Sell Food at an Event You can garner a lot of attention from asizable crowd, collect valuable contactinformation from customers and otherbusinesses alike and distribute a raft ofpromotional materials to your target market. By choosing the correct event and managingthe stall effectively, not only can you collect asizable profit, but can lead to substantialgrowth in your food PR and marketing efforts. </li> <li> Preparation Make sure you have everything you needand always arrive early. The earlier you arrive the better locationyou will be able to find. The quicker you set up you will be able tomake early sales when competitors arestill setting up. </li> <li> Presentation With a captive market and high competitionit is imperative that you make your stall asattractive and visible as possible Make sure your stall is clean and any bannersand promotional signs are highly visible. Attractive presentation of your food will lurecustomers in (as will enticing aromas andspices from cooking) and promotesuggestions of quality. </li> <li> People Buy from People Be friendly and engaging when dealing withcustomers. Keep the conversation flowing and highenergy. Giving passing customers the impression of awelcoming and pleasant shoppingexperience means they are far more likely toactually make a purchase. Make sure that your manner and dress reflectsthe values and promises of the brand. </li> <li> Pricing Make your prices as visible as possible topassing customers. Offer multi buy discounts and offers andalways give the impression that you areproviding the customer with an excellentdeal. Make the payment process simple byrounding prices to whole figures - 1, 2and 5 as opposed to 1.30 or 2.75. </li> <li> Product Sample As a means to spread the word (or taste) of yourproduct, offer free samples to passing customers. This always attracts significant attention frompassers-by and allows them to sample yourproduct before committing to a purchase. Make sure you think of how you will offer out yoursamples and whether you will need specialistsample packaging. It is crucial that you manage your stock levelsappropriately. Running out of stock early results in frustratingwasted sales </li> <li> Purchasing Selling to customers on the day is great, butmake sure you keep their business by offeringthem a means to purchase more productsfrom you in the future. Provide guests with a website or other stockistwhere they can purchase more of yourproduct. Provide business cards and gather contactinformation for future purchases and buildingup your contact list. </li> <li> Performance Be sure to set yourself appropriate targets andgoals to ensure you get what you need from theexperience. Take note of all the costs, revenues, what sold welland what didnt and how you can improve yourefforts next time. Event selling can be hugely beneficial andprofitable for a variety of food related products. Equally so it is not for everyone and you need tomake sure that events, festivals and markets arethe right fit for your product brand and thecustomer base you wish to attract. </li> </ul>