How to prepare your car for hot weather

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<ul><li> 1. How to prepare your car for hot weather? As summer is on the way, car owners are suggested to do some seasonal maintenance for a safe and steadfast driving. Here are some tips for you to get your car prepared for summer. Some of these tips are easy and can be performed by any driver. 1. Fix electrical car problems Vehicle problems tend to grow worse in hot weather. Hot temperature will worsen rubber and metal auto parts, as well as electrical auto problems. With the right OBDII scanner, you can find out most electrical problems with your vehicle and try to fix it on your own. An iOBD2 scanner for Android can easily </li></ul> <p> 2. retrieve error codes and erase the codes for you. Technically, small electrical problems can be solved after DTCs are cleared. If you stick to regular maintenance, there is little chance of electrical problems. But if you feel there is some wrong with your car, it is better to diagnose it and fix it. 2. Check your air conditioning system Air conditioner is a must in summer. Before opening your AC, you can inspect the system for worn or damaged belts. Clear dust and debris inside its condesenser, and your AC can do a cooling job better. The belt on your air 3. conditioner drives the compressor. Without the belt, you will not get any cool air inside your car. Besides, AC will get hot after working for a period of time. Therefore, you should make your car antifreeze and transmission fluid levels filled to prevent overheating. 3. Check your battery Car battery is essential to a vehicle. It provides initial power to start the engine of your car and generates power for accelerating. And hot temperature can lay more pressure on the battery. You can test the condition of your battery by 4. using a Launch BST-460 battery tester or other tools. Many auto repair shops have battery testers. You can borrow one to reduce the cost. </p>