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<ul><li><p>First Call GB Ltd How to prepare for a car breakdown </p><p>Although no-one likes to think about their car breaking down, its best to be prepared in case it </p><p>does, as being stuck on a road with no supplies will make the situation seem far worse. </p><p>Preparing for a breakdown should also include preventative measures. Performing simple maintenance on your car could save you from a stressful break down, so its worth putting the </p><p>effort in to looking after your car, every couple of weeks or months. Check the pressure in all of the cars tyres (this includes the spare). You can purchase a tyre gauge for this, or you can go to your nearest petrol station. In addition to this, make sure to check the thread wear on your tyres </p><p>every few weeks. Keep an eye on your water and oil indicators, and fill them as necessary, and check the hoses and belts of the car for fluid leaks and deterioration. </p><p>When it comes to what you should keep in the car in case of a breakdown, everyone will have a different idea of what constitutes an essential item. However there are a few basics which no </p><p>driver should be without when they take off on a trip in their car. A fully charged mobile with credit is a must for calling for help, and youll also need a car jack, lug wrench and spare tyre for </p><p>changing flats. Aside from your phone and these three things, which are normally found in all cars, its worth investing in a few other items which could make a breakdown a far less stressful situation. A flashlight will be of great use during a breakdown at night try to get a water </p><p>resistant one in case it rains, and make sure to keep some spare batteries in the car for it. As well as this, a heavy duty jumper cable for a dead car battery, and a heavy duty tow rope for when the </p><p>car is stuck in mud or snow, can come in very handy in an emergency. </p></li></ul>