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  • 1. How to Make Your House and Life More Sustainable
    By: Andrew Parker, Cole Imbs, and Corbin Wright
  • 2. What does Being Unsustainable Do?
    Can waste electricity, water, money, and send out a harmful greenhouse gas called Carbon Dioxide.
    Carbon Dioxide being admitted into the air
  • 3. Global Warming
    1880, the average temperature around the world has raised 1.4F
    20th Centurys last 20 years have been the hottest in 400 years
  • 4. Insulation
    A typical American wastes about 40,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, the main contributor of global warming, annually.
    Insulating can save around 20-30% of your heating bill and can reduce carbon dioxide waste from 140-2,100 pounds of carbon dioxide annually.
  • 5. Water
    Americans now use 127% more water than we used to in 1950.
    Did you know that just turning down your water heater 20 degrees (from 140F to 120F) could save 1,200 pounds of CO2
    95% of the water that enters our homes goes down the drain.
  • 6. Recycling
    Since 1980 solid waste has grown by 60%- surpassing 254 million tons per year in 2007, according to the EPA.
  • 7. Electricity
    Home appliances are responsible for 20% of your energy bills
    Fluorescent light bulbs are effective because they only use 25%-35% of the energy that an incandescent light bulb uses. Also, they last about 10 years longer