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  • 1. Yosemitebear Mountain

2. Discovered: 7 months after upload WHY??? 3. Discovered by an InfluencerLesson: viral growth is often delayed 4. Double Platinum in 5 countries1st Solo Artist to have 4 singles inTop 40 before albums releaseWHY???? King of YouTube 5. #7 Most Liked on Facebook: 42,447,186 #2 Most Followed on Twitter: 20,684,366 Only person with a 100.0 Klout scoreTHE KING OF YOUTUBE3 of top 10 most watched videos of all time 729,207,859 6. Josh Bell: The Anti-Bieber 7. Train Station @ D.C. Rush Hour45 minutes1,070 people passed by 7 stopped to listen1 recognized him Total raised: $32TALENT MEDIUM MARKETINGYouTube Views: 3,635,880 8. Investing in Viral GrowthJason JonesFounder & CEO, HighStep Capital InvestHere 9. How to go Viral 3 Keys to Virality Content Medium Marketing Medium = strategic Find the right network Design for the network At the right time Launching the right thing 10. What to Watch For Content Funny, Authentic, Outstanding,Unexpected, or Controversial Medium Platform Structure and Nodes Usage K-Factor, Influence Zeitgeist, EarlyMomentum Lasting Power Network Effect or One Hit Wonder? 11. Network Effect Models 12. YouTube purchased For $1.65b Lazy SundayuploadedDiscovered 11 months after launchWHY????CONTENT + MEDIUM + MARKETING 13. Bessemer InvestedDiscovered 22 months after launchwe were scouting for [a] usergenerated content media propertyaround products for 6 yearsMedium + Usage + Lasting Power 14. How to Spot One Hit Wonders 15. Drawing is difficult and lacks a network effectNegative virality is just as strong aspositive virality 16. Understand the NetworkAccess to Engagement withReal-timeImage sharinginformationfriendsinformation around pinboards 17. Branchout: network nodes#1 fastest growing FB app Feb 12 Who has more connections, Branchout or LinkedIn?400m vs 150m 18. Dumb Smart 19. The ultimate viral businessGreat contentPopular on Google, Facebook, Twitter,YouTube, Pinterest, even email$0 marketing but abundantly shared 20. I Can Has Memebase Cheezburger The Daily WhatFAIL BlogKnow Your Meme16.5m people have uploaded content375m page views per month110m videos viewed per month500k pictures uploaded per monthProfitable since inception 21. What does it mean? Seek platforms that are easy to use, thatwill attract great content, and thatencourage easy sharing Seek businesses that create contentdesigned for the platforms Seek management teams that understandthe network ecosystem Avoid companies that raise too much money 22. Jonah Perretti,Kevin Alloca, Scott Galloway,CEO, Buzzfeed YouTube Trend Professor of Manager Marketing, NYUJeremy Gutsche, Lou Kerner, Chief TrendCEO, Social Hunter, Internet 23. Justin Beiber Baby Ft. LudacrisWith You Chris Brown Cover Song Justin SingingYosemite Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-10Stop and Hear the MusicHow to go Viral - Infectious Marketing Keynote Speech by JeremyGutscheHow to Make Content Go Viral - Scott GallowayWeb 2.0 Expo SF 2011: Jonah Peretti, "The Hidden Secrets of SocialMedia and Viral AdvertisingKevin Allocca: Why videos go viralPearls Before Breakfast: Can one of the nations great musicians cut through the fog ofa D.C. rush hour? Lets find out.FROM ZERO TO MILLIONS: The Secret To Making Content Go Crazy/Viral 24. Thanks! Twitter: