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<p>Are you worried about slow speed of your PC?</p> <p>Are you facing trouble due to slow speed of your Computer?</p> <p>Then There is Need of improvement in Computer Speed</p> <p>Reasons of Slow Speed of Computers &amp; their Solutions There are several reasons behind slow speed of your computer, laptop etc. We are going to discuss some reasons of slowness of PCs and also about solutions.</p> <p>RebootThe first and foremost step for increasing the speed of your computer is to reboot it.</p> <p>Because in most scenarios, it is the most common reason. So, try to Reboot your computer, if you have not try it</p> <p>Hard Drive Space IssueAnother common reason of slowness of computer might be lack of free space of Hard Drive.</p> <p>So, you should check your hard drive space, as it should be at least 20% free. When you will increase it, speed of computer will also increase.</p> <p>Corrupted Hard DriveReason:Corrupted Hard Drive is also a big reason of slow speed. Hardware conflicts and outdated drivers may also be valid reason.</p> <p>Solution:You should repair your hard drive in such situation. It is better to hire some professional for repairing hard drive. </p> <p>Excess of Startup ProgramsReason:This is also a big reason of slow speed of PCs and Laptops.</p> <p>Solution:Check the running programs in the background and how much memory and CPU they are using open Task Manager.</p> <p>Virus or MalwareReason:</p> <p>Any Virus or Malware may be the reason of slow performance of computer.</p> <p>Solution:</p> <p>Try some free antivirus software to clean your computer. That could work</p> <p>Memory UpgradeReason:Low memory may also be one of the reasons.Solution:Check your computer manufacturers website to determine whether there are open memory slots on the motherboard.Replace the existing memory with new.</p> <p>Overheating of Computer or ProcessorReason:Overheating of Computer or Processor may also the reason.</p> <p>Solution: Make sure your computer case is clean and fans are not obstructed.</p> <p>Hardware FailureReason:If you have check all the previous points and no one is working on your PC then simple meaning is Hardware Failure.Solution:In this situation the simple and the most easy way is to buy a new computer. If, you are going to do so then dont forget to get Secure Data Destruction services for your safety.</p> <p>Visit Us:For quality Computer and Peripheral Recycling and removal services and Secure Data Destruction services, iGlobal is the best option in California, United States.Website:http://www.igassetmanagement.comPhone No(0800) 332-6615</p> <p></p>