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Are you worried about slow speed of your PC?

Are you facing trouble due to slow speed of your Computer?

Then There is Need of improvement in Computer Speed

Reasons of Slow Speed of Computers & their Solutions There are several reasons behind slow speed of your computer, laptop etc. We are going to discuss some reasons of slowness of PCs and also about solutions.

RebootThe first and foremost step for increasing the speed of your computer is to reboot it.

Because in most scenarios, it is the most common reason. So, try to Reboot your computer, if you have not try it

Hard Drive Space IssueAnother common reason of slowness of computer might be lack of free space of Hard Drive.

So, you should check your hard drive space, as it should be at least 20% free. When you will increase it, speed of computer will also increase.

Corrupted Hard DriveReason:Corrupted Hard Drive is also a big reason of slow speed. Hardware conflicts and outdated drivers may also be valid reason.

Solution:You should repair your hard drive in such situation. It is better to hire some professional for repairing hard drive.

Excess of Startup ProgramsReason:This is also a big reason of slow speed of PCs and Laptops.

Solution:Check the running programs in the background and how much memory and CPU they are using open Task Manager.

Virus or MalwareReason:

Any Virus or Malware may be the reason of slow performance of computer.


Try some free antivirus software to clean your computer. That could work

Memory UpgradeReason:Low memory may also be one of the reasons.Solution:Check your computer manufacturers website to determine whether there are open memory slots on the motherboard.Replace the existing memory with new.

Overheating of Computer or ProcessorReason:Overheating of Computer or Processor may also the reason.

Solution: Make sure your computer case is clean and fans are not obstructed.

Hardware FailureReason:If you have check all the previous points and no one is working on your PC then simple meaning is Hardware Failure.Solution:In this situation the simple and the most easy way is to buy a new computer. If, you are going to do so then dont forget to get Secure Data Destruction services for your safety.

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