how to get your kids to eat healthy foods: the healthy eating 101 jumpstart guide for moms

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DESCRIPTION How to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy Foods: The Healthy Eating 101 Jumpstart Guide for Moms Healthy eating can be challenging especially with kids. Learn how to eat healthy and get your kids to eat healthy with this quick start guide to healthy eating.


  • 1. AmberKeinathMSN,RN,CPT
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  • 3. What do you think of when you think of changing your life by finally taking control of your health?
  • 4. Main 3 Questions I Get From Other Mamas: 1. Where do I start? 2. How do you really know what is healthy with all the conflicting information out there? 3. How do you get your kids to join you on your health journey (scroll to the bottom for this answer)?
  • 5. Everythingalways startswith mindset! You must have a positive mindset! You can be healthy! Think about how great you will feel when you are filling your body with all the nutrients it needs! Imagine, all the energy you will have, not to mention being able to sleep better at night.
  • 6. What is motivating you to eat healthier?
  • 7. If you believe you can be successful, you can achieve that success! (click to tweet!)
  • 8. Key = Start Small Now, what if you wanted to achieve something, but instead of reaching for the ultimate goal, you decided to break it into small steps or changes? You would be more likely to be successful. The same goes for healthier eating.
  • 9. If you try to give up everything unhealthy that you absolutely love to eat, you are not going to stay motivated. (click to tweet!)
  • 10. Plan a weeks worth of meals by putting together a menu How many times have you come home from a long day at work and had no clue what to make for dinner? That happened to me A LOT.
  • 11. Plan a weeks worth of meals by putting together a menu Before I began planning weekly menus, eating out was a regular occurrence. This is not healthy by any means (dont give me the excuse that you went to a healthy fast food place like Subway because that doesnt cut it!).
  • 12. Plan a weeks worth of meals by putting together a menu The key here is to plan ahead of time so you know exactly what to make and will be healthier because of it! Have fun and see what creative meals you can come up with!
  • 13. Make a shopping list! The key here is to stick to it! This means no slipping in that chocolate bar just because you went down that aisle! Get healthy and save money by planning a week of meals, building a shopping list, and finding coupons!
  • 14. Make a shopping list! Creating a shopping list can also help you save money! Look for coupons for items on your list. A great way to do this is to go to the websites of the brands you usually purchase. Many of these websites have coupons you can print off. Double your savings for your healthy food by finding a corresponding coupon from the store!
  • 15. Eat what you love! Stick to healthier choices of food you love and dont completely give up your favorites like pizza and ice cream right away! Maybe cut down these foods you love that are not healthy to one day a week only!
  • 16. Eat what you love! A boring or tasteless meal is not going to inspire you to continue on your journey to healthy eating! Plan your healthy eating menus so that you can enjoy your food and stay inspired.
  • 17. Have a Party! Making healthy eating a mainstay of your lifestyle, you must make sure to have fun, party, and get creative!
  • 18. Have a Party! When you are having fun, flexing your creative ability, throwing some parties, your motivation and inspiration level for sticking with your healthier eating plan will be 10x higher than making health food boring.
  • 19. One lapse is not a relapse. Okay, so your had a bad week. Get your butt back in gear and get next weeks menu planned and ready to go! Just because you did a bad week. This does not mean your healthy eating plan drop-out!
  • 20. One lapse is not a relapse. Your road to ultimate health may be a bumpy ride. However, you have the skills to keep picking yourself back up and get moving forward!
  • 21. Getting healthy can be a bumpy ride. Never QUIT! (click to tweet!)
  • 22. What is TRULY HEALTHY?
  • 23. Eat foods that are higher in nutrients, have less packaging, and you would recognize what they were in nature! (click to tweet!)
  • 24. Here are some recipes to get you started: Crockpot Fajitas Tortilla Soup Strawberry, Fennel, and Orange Salad Avocado Salad Healthy Summer Drinks Smoothies Juices
  • 25. How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy This can be a tough one.I feel I am offering tough love. Stay with me a few more moments. You really can change the healthy eating behaviors even if you think you have a picky eater. A good strategy to start with would be to set a good example. You must eat the way you want your kids to eat. They will not want to eat the broccoli in front of them when they see the french fries in front of you. Kids copy their parents behavior.
  • 26. How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy You start eat healthy foods first. Your kids will take their cues from you. Second, I recommend getting rid of the unhealthy processed foods in your pantry. If it is not easily accessible, your kids will not eat as much of it. Replace it with fresh cut veggies and fruits on the counter. You can also set up some at kids height in the fridge. The easier it is to reach for the healthy snacks instead of the unhealthy packaged food, the better your kids diet will be.
  • 27. How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy Expect your kids to eat what you cook for dinner and eat. Dont worry about one missed meal in the overall switch to healthier foods. Your child will be just fine. You have a picky eater? Keep giving them healthy food options. It can take 6-8 times or more of trying a food before they love it. Kids will eat more than mac n cheese or hot dogs or chicken fingers.
  • 28. How to Get Kids to Eat Healthy You just have to stick to your guns and give them what you know they NEED, not necessarily what they WANT. You arent being mean. You are loving your child enough to care about the nutrient content of their foods at such an important time in their development!
  • 29. What is the #1 vegetable your kids will NOT eat? (click to comment!)
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  • 31. About Amber Amber Keinath {a.k.a Mama Gone Fit} is a RN + Personal Trainer for moms struggling to rock a fit + healthy lifestyle as they chase after their little ones! Through her free challenges, group workshops, and her exclusive, moms only coaching programs, shes here to help you design a fun, healthy, and fit lifestyle you LOVE-while making it feel like a guilty little pleasure! She is the creator of the Mamas Gone Fit 4-Minute Workout series as well as numerous health + fitness eBooks. And when shes not health-styling the world, you can find her enjoying the next DIY Pinterest project, testing new (mostly edible) recipes on her husband, or knee-deep in baby-giggle-inducing shenanigans with her little guy. Join the latest Fit Challenge at