how to get through this presentation (and battle online distractions)

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As marketers, the internet has become an essential part of our daily lives. Whether were preparing an email campaign, tweeting, or simply checking our email, it is always there. Because the line between work and play is often blurry, it can be hard to set boundaries. You often find yourself from doing serious research for a corporate blog post to suddenly laughing at an awesome (but most likely pointless) BuzzFeed quiz. Or maybe it becomes almost impossible to resist the impulse to check your Facebook feed every few minutes. However, we know its so much more satisfying to make work time the time for work, and random browsing time the time for play. For our latest visual we have compiled advice from the experts on how to increase your online attention span, stay focused, and ultimately become way more productive. Take a look!


 HOW TO GET THROUGH THIS PRESENTATION Have you ever spent more time worrying about a task ! Maybe you get distracted by Maybe you get distracted by Maybe you get distracted by Maybe you get distracted by For our brains, surng the Internet ultimately feels a lot like being While it is a ton of fun, it can also be quite distracting and hardly let you The average online attention span in 2013 Source: The average online attention span in 2013 Source: Another problem: We only end up reading of each content piece we open. Source: A lack of focus can be due to one of two things: Source: Eva Rykrsmith, Organizational Psychologist You are stressed, frazzled, overloaded, and experiencing burnout. You feel very busy in many areas of your life. A lack of focus can be due to one of two things: You are bored and dont feel challenged. You are stuck doing repetitive tasks, your goals are not motivating, or you have lost interest in work. Source: Eva Rykrsmith, Organizational Psychologist Heres what the experts recommend to battle your lack of focus online 1# List your goals and tasks, and cover them methodically Procrastination is about not having projects in your life that really reect your goals. Create a list of what has to be accomplished. This will become the guide to remember your to-dos. Source: Ilya Pozin, Author at Forbes There is something viscerally satisfying about manually crossing tasks off a list. And be like Seineld: Momentum: Turn your default Chrome tab into a dashboard with a very practical to-do list. 2# Structure your time Activate a timer on your phone or computer, and not browsing the internet for that period. StayFocusd: Increases productivity by limiting how much time you can spend on certain websites. 3# Limit distractions Close programs that arent work related. Source: Limit your browser tabs. The more you open, the more likely youll click on them. Source: Charlie Gilkey from Productive Flourishing suggests following for maximum focus and creativity. Source: Turn your phone or put it on airplane mode. Source: 4# Create the right setting for work Rest well and take breaks. Source: Work comfortably. Source: Play focus-enhancing music. Source: Songza Playlists: Focus-Enhancing Soundscapes Master Composers Electronic for Working 5# Connect with your inner motivation Loving what you do is the ultimate motivator and focus enhancer. When youre about your job, it seizes your imagination and affects . Source: Ask yourself: Source: Ask yourself: Source: Ask yourself: Source: Ask yourself: Source: Ask yourself: Source: If the answer to all of these questions is , youll be compelled to work hard for its own sake and boost your productivity. Source: Focus and you will achieve WANT TO GET MORE OUT OF YOUR CONTENT MARKETING? Increase readers, subscribers and leads with Uberip LEARN MORE