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Post on 11-May-2015




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Social Media expert, Darrin Friedman, of Coldwell Banker, discusses the do's and don'ts of Twitter.


1.HOW TO NOTSUCK AT TWITTERDARRIN FRIEDMAN2. HOW TO NOTSUCK AT TWITTER#cbchevychase and #darrinfrieDARRIN FRIEDMAN 3. TWITTERis not about FOLLOWERS TWITTERis about ENGAGING 4. Ask yourself...What is your goal? 5. It should beconnecting with others 6. It is the largestnetworking eventin the history of the world 7. Here is what it isnt:#1 : An RSS Feed of your content #2 : Broadcasting mechanism#3 : Something to drive your ego 8. Your Engagement+Their EXPERIENCES=Your Success or Failure 9. Simply: Your ENGAGEMENT onTWITTER will dene you! 10. 5 RULES on HowNOT to SUCKon TWITTER 11. Rule #1 : Its not about the quantity, its about the quality! 12. Rule #2 : Using Twitter asa way to push your content will failif that is all you do.Remember 1/3 1/3 1/3 13. Rule #3 : NEVER SELL!!!!! 14. Rule #4 : Dont be lazy.Auto DMs are your enemy. 15. Rule #5 : Always ask yourself:Is this for my benefit, or someone else. 16. Rule #5 : Articulate VERY, VERYcarefully what you want to say. 17. How to reach me: tw: @darrinfriefb: darrinfriecell: 301.351.5423