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This LifeHacking guide is a compilation of the tools and techniques I use to effortlessly improve my life in 3 specific areas - Time Management, Emails and Networking - and some general LifeHacks. If you find this useful, please share!


<ul><li>1.How to Get Shit Done A TA L K O N T I M E M A N A G E M E N T, E M A I L , N E T W O R K I N G A N D G E N E R A L LIFE HACKSROSS GARLICK 01/29/2014</li></ul> <p>2. But firstWho am I to tell you how to be more productive? 3. Thats me!Obligations and Commitments School Internship Applications Compass Concourse Fund Tutoring Varsity SquashDesirable Goals and projects Consult &amp; Work with Startups Blog every 2 weeks Learn to Code Watch The West Wing Read 5 books Beer Hall Loyalty RewardIn Fall 13 I had a number of obligations, commitments I wanted to accomplish. I became stressed and anxious. I decided to address this by hacking my life. 4. So what is a LifeHack?lifehack Noun: informal 1. a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's time and daily activities in a more efficient 5. Why LifeHack? 6. THE IDEAL LIFEMost peoples ideal life calls for a work hard, play hard lifestyle, with room for personal growth.Substantive Work LeisurePersonal Learning &amp; 7. REAL LIFEThis ideal life is a pipedream for most people. Hacking our lives brings us closer to the ideal with minimal effort.LeisureLearning &amp; GrowthSubstantive Work Pointless WorkProcrastinatio n Making Ends 8. Furthermore, peoples perceptions of you matter. Perceptions matter almost as much as the truth about who you are. Hacking your life can help improve peoples perceptions of you, 9. Time Management Hacking Strategy #1@rossyg92 10. The Productive Day Problems with the To-Do List:1. 2.@rossyg92There is no sense of prioritization or categorizationWe overestimate what we can accomplish in a given 11. The Productive Day Structuring your to-do list in a pyramid manner (right) helps to realize a productive day without overestimating what can be accomplished. Start the day with the big goal. You will be less productive if you start with your smaller goals as you anticipate tackling the big goal later in the day.OneBig Goal Three Medium GoalsFive Small 12. The Productive Day - ToolsI read my Pocket articles on the - The easiest way to save articles, webpages and videos to view later. Integrated as a Chrome extension and with hundreds of - Free online software which tracks your web activity and breaks it down into productive, neutral and counterproductive. Sends you an email once a week breaking down your results.@rossyg92 13. Working Effectively Put simply, a Pomodoro is a 30 minute period where you work for 25 minutes, take a 5 minute break. The value of the Pomodoro Technique is that it challenges the users to work within time constraints e.g. I will work on this essay for 6 Pomodoros Working within time constraints forces you to be more 14. Working Effectively- Tools Block the webpages that distract you for a defined period of Track and measure your productivity using the Pomodoro Technique using this free 15. The 2 Minute RuleOnly applicable when you are deciding what to put on your to-do list not when you are 16. Email Hacks Hacking Strategy #2 17. EMAIL BEST PRACTICE TECHNIQUES 18. #1. EFFECTIVE SUBJECT LINE3 tips for a great Subject Line: Less than 50 characters Some specificity e.g. rather than Follow Up, say Follow up from Google Info session 01/23/2014 Use words such as Reconnecting or Response Needed to incentivize subject to open email. Avoid Keywords that could be perceived as spam, such as Please Support 19. #2. EMAIL PURPOSE Many people wait until the 2nd or 3rd paragraph of an email to get to its purpose. While this can seem reasonable to the writer, it is frustrating for the reader. Always start the email off with its purpose. I like to embolden that sentence to emphasize the point. 20. #3. USE OF WHITE SPACE Email marketing studies have proven that emails with more white space communicate their message more clearly. Use Bullet Points where possible to increase the amount of white space in your emails. 21. Always end an email with a list of next steps for the email recipient, even if it seems obvious to you, the writer.Asking people to retweet your tweets increases the number of retweets, and the same principle applies here.#4. NEXT STEPS 22. BoomerangEMAIL TOOLS WiseStampRapportive 23. Email Effectively- Tools View the contact profile of anyone to whom you are sending/receiving emails, including their social networks. Schedule an email to be sent later. Easy email Free and easy email signatures for the 21st 24. Achieving Inbox Zero That zero? Its not how many messages are in your inboxits how much of your own brain is in that inbox. Especially when you dont want it to be. Thats it. 25. Inbox Zero - Emails in 5 sentences without being The easiest way to unsubscribe from The easiest way to manage email on Limit your inbox to 5 emails at a timeGive it a try. I love it! 26. Networking Hacks Hacking Strategy #3 27. There is a general misunderstanding of networking as a selfish action. I can offer value to you. I would make a great business partner/employee.Learn the technique of effective networking: @rossyg92Jeffs blog is new but has a lot of good 28. Networking Tools for Meeting The beauty of Meetup events is that people who attend them actively want to help and work with people of similar 29. Networking Tools for Following (iOS) (Android) Scan business cards and automatically add them to your phone Automatically invite people to connect on LinkedIn when you add them to your iOS The most powerful note-taking app can automatically record what meeting/event a particular note was taken 30. General LifeHacks Hacking Strategy #4 31. The Value of Remembering Names When you first meet someone, try and repeat their name as much as possible during the natural course of conversation e.g. rather than its nice to meet you, say instead, its nice to meet you, Mike. Try and associate a name with a particular fact about that person. Dont be embarrassed to ask someone to repeat their name on the 2nd time you meet them. They often find it endearing and serves as a nice 32. Capitalizing on a Position of Power When someone says Thank you, you are in a momentary position of power. Respond by saying Youre welcome. I know youd do the same for me. This response conveys that you have the type of relationship where we can ask each other for favors and help each other without keeping 33. 34. A Gamified Life AN INVITATION Sounds fun, right? 35. A number of apps and online services have found success by gamifying productivity. For me, they have been too limited in their 36. So I decided to gamify my own life, setting up a system to incentivize me to work towards my substantive goals, and cut out distractions Sample of Ross Gamified Life Check it out!! 37. I would like to invite you to join my selfquantified, productivity system. Please contact me if you are interested: 38. Resources Time Management Pocket: RescueTime: Self-Control: or (PC) Pomodoro Timer: TeamViz: 39. Resources Email &amp; Networking Boomerang: Meetup: Rapportive: www.rapportive.comIFTTT: www.ifttt.comWiseStamp: www.wisestamp.comEvernote: www.evernote.comFive Sentences: www.five.sentenc.esCardmunch: www.cardmunch.comUnrollMe: Mailbox: www.mailboxapp.comTaper: Mailstrom: </p>