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<p>Get More Twitter Followers-The Organic Way</p> <p> DrumUp -</p> <p>Why Go Organic?<br /></p> <p>Buying followers does not always work. Followers might not generate leads and increase conversions.</p> <p>Buyers might just be inactive accounts or 'spammy'.</p> <p>Grow genuine Twitter followers through engagement, organically.</p> <p> DrumUp -</p> <p> DrumUp -</p> <p> Reciprocation on Twitter<br /></p> <p>Check the Twitter profile of new followers and follow them back.</p> <p>Interact with celebrities on Twitter and re-tweet.</p> <p>Use the Who To Follow list on Twitter.</p> <p> DrumUp -</p> <p>Initiating Conversations<br /></p> <p>Find conversations that relate to your brand or company.</p> <p>Join Twitter chats and expand your network.</p> <p>Announce product launches and other news in a more personalized way.</p> <p>Engage with target audience-ask questions, conduct polls, start contests.</p> <p> DrumUp -</p> <p>Smart Use of Hash-Tags<br /></p> <p>Hash-tags boost number of followers. But use only 2-3 hash-tags in a post.</p> <p>Keep an eye on popular/trending tags, relevant to your business or industry.</p> <p>Re-tweet other users using same hash-tags.</p> <p> DrumUp -</p> <p>The 80/80 Rule<br /></p> <p>Use a content discovery tool for putting up good content.</p> <p>Ensure 80% of content is informative and 20% talks about the brand/company.</p> <p>Post content that can be shared by others.</p> <p>Share videos and images of events you organize or attend.</p> <p> DrumUp -</p> <p>Promote your Twitter Profile<br /></p> <p>Publish your Twitter page link on your LinkedIn account &amp; Facebook page.</p> <p>Create an interesting profile.</p> <p>Complete your profile by giving all necessary information about the brand.</p> <p>Sign up for Twitter directories.</p> <p> DrumUp -</p> <p>Want to learn more about getting followers on Twitter organically?</p> <p>Check out our Blog!</p> <p>Work with our Web App or <br />Get the Android app.</p> <p>11/10/15</p> <p>11/10/15</p>