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Post on 11-Mar-2016




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DESCRIPTION In2Events show you how to engage using Twitter!


PowerPoint PresentationEngage your audience by using TwitterOur answer is interact. The power of social media and Twitter in particular shouldnt be under-estimated. Recent research suggests that people who use twitter during seminars and conferences are actually more engaged and learn more.As a corporate event organiser the biggest stumbling block we get to using Twitter is generally that organisations dont understand how it can be used. With many conferences where the average age is over 40, attendees dont understand the value twitter can have on them as individuals. Simple education and explaining the benefits of social media on their career and business goals and opinion soon changes.The simple use of a conference hashtag can help you see what nuggets of information others have taken that you may have not, maybe you werent in that session but were interested in the outcomes or you were simply drifting off for a moment, as we all do from time to time.What holds people back is simple fear of the unknown and lack of understanding that social media is about engaging meaningfully with people about a shared experience, thereby enhancing that experience. The power of your attendees sharing your message isnt a sign of dis-interest in the speaker or the content, its a sign they have understood and want others to hear it. These people are your brand ambassadors even for that one moment embrace it.