How to deal with Picky Eaters

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How to deal with Picky Eaters


Picky Eating- A very common phenomenon observed in children between the age of 2-5 years.

Majority of children tend to avoid eating their daily dietary requirement of vegetables causing nutritional deficiency at a very young age.Picky Eating in children cause a great deal of stress for the parents.Parents should realize that Picky eating is a temporary phase for a child. As parents it is crucial to not panic in such situations and give in to the childs picky eating habits.

Tips for dealing with a Picky Eater

Tips for Dealing with a Picky EaterIntroduce healthier options of food Include your childs diet with the food that he/she already likes.It makes easy to introduce the new food item and make it an interesting time for your child.For example, if your child has been avoiding berries and some vegetables, you can always serve them blueberry pancakes or carrot cake.

Tips for Dealing with a Picky EaterMake your children a part of the cooking process

Involve your child in every step of the preparation process.Children's will find it interesting, right from picking up the vegetables from the grocery store to finally serving it in a dish.

Tips for Dealing with a Picky EaterAvoid stocking unhealthy food

Avoid buying unhealthy food items at home.Instead of bringing home unhealthy food, try buying healthy alternatives.For example, a bag of fruit will be better than a bag of chips and freshly squeezed orange juice is so much healthier than a bottle of coke.

Tips for Dealing with a Picky EaterDo not force your child to clear the plate

Children know when they must stop eating, so dont force them to eat. Forcing your child to finish his/her plate can be stressful for the child and he/she may end up overeating.

Tips for Dealing with a Picky EaterFollow a time table

Majority of kids like following a particular routine. Try to ensure you have the family meals at the right time. Following a timetable allows children to set a routine in their minds and teaches them to eat only when the food is served.

Tips for Dealing with a Picky EaterTreat your kids occasionally

Give your child his or her favorite treat whenever you feel it is required. A scoop or ice cream or a small bar of chocolate is fine when consumed occasionally.


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