How To Create Meaningful Monthly Reports

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Delivering Successful Monthly Reports

How To Create MeaningfulMonthly Reports

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AgendaAuthor / Audience RelationshipsPurpose of Monthly ReportStructure and ContentRules of Thumb2Copyright 2009 DCE Communications, LLC

Author / Audience3Copyright 2009 DCE Communications, LLC

Provide a Summary of progress for ManagementProjects, Programs, Imperatives and/or Areas of ResponsibilitySelf-Auditing Tool for YouIdentifies areas of slow or no progressHelps determine whether you need increased focus or change in resourcesProgress = Accomplishment of Goal(s)Start somethingComplete somethingE.g. Complete [development], Launch [product], Process [leads], Close [sales] etc.Purpose of Monthly Report4Copyright 2009 DCE Communications, LLC

Structure5Copyright 2009 DCE Communications, LLC

Content: Current Month

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Problems not resolved during past monthAsk for help if required, orSubmit plan to resolve issueReporting Problems with no Corrective Action Plan is just WhiningState the facts and build a rational case for consequences of not resolving the issueAvoid emotionally charged languageAbandon your inner Chicken LittleContent: Unresolved Issues7Copyright 2009 DCE Communications, LLC

Content: Goals Next 30-90 Days8Copyright 2009 DCE Communications, LLC

Be optimisticLimit Topics or Tasks per Topic to 5Avoid emotionally charged languageThink goal-oriented, use active voiceBe brief but completeUse bullet lists where appropriateRules of Thumb9Copyright 2009 DCE Communications, LLC

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