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<p> 1. May 21, 2015 CREATING A MEANINGFUL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE THROUGH CONTENT Yael Kochman Head of Marketing @YaelKochman @Roojoom 2. @Roojoom #SMX #B13 LETS START WITH A GAME Gamifying content requires a large marketing investment. In 2011 Magnum Ice Cream created the Magnum Pleasure Hunt an interactive game that sent users to collect chocolate bonbons across the internet. More than 7 million people visited Magnums website to play the game and it became the most tweeted URL. It was so successful, that a year later they did another sequel, this time sending photographers to shoot pictures of cities throughout the world. 3. @Roojoom #SMX #B13 WILL IT MAKE THEM BUY? 4. @Roojoom #SMX #B13 Another example LEGO, a game we all played as kids- they went even further and produced a full-length feature movie, for a price tag of 60 million dollars. Did I pay off? Other than the revenue from the movie, that year was LEGOs best selling year with million of toys sold. 5. @Roojoom #SMX #B13 10.4 TOUCH POINTS In average, a customer will have 10.4 touchpoints with your brand before making a buying decision. It is your job as a marketer not only to meet him at each of these touchpoint, but also to make each of them as meaningful as possible. No wonder, then, that LEGO spent 60 million on that movie. 6. @Roojoom #SMX #B13 CMOS LOVE THEIR TECHNOLOGY By 2018 CMOs expenditure on technology is expected to surpass ITs expenditure. 7. @Roojoom #SMX #B13 SURVEYS - TYPEFORM 8. @Roojoom #SMX #B13 DYNAMIC IMAGES - THINGLINK 9. @Roojoom #SMX #B13 QUIZZES - QZZR 10. @Roojoom #SMX #B13 POLLS ION INTERACTIVE 11. @Roojoom #SMX #B13 BRACKET POLLS BRACKTIFY 12. @Roojoom #SMX #B13 CONTENT JOURNEY - ROOJOOM 13. @Roojoom #SMX #B13 ASSESSMENT ION INTERACTIVE 14. @Roojoom #SMX #B13 INTERACTIVE LANDING PAGE 15. @Roojoom #SMX #B13 CALCULATOR - CONVERSIONER 16. @Roojoom #SMX #B13 CALCULATOR PRICING PAGE 17. @Roojoom #SMX #B13 SPREADSHEETS 18. @Roojoom #SMX #B13 TAKEAWAYS Content is more than blogging. Plus everyones already blogging be different. It takes customers 10.4 touch points in average to make a buying decision. Create meaningful experiences to make your brand memorable and get more leads. You dont need to hire a movie producer use existing technologies. Every touch point can become interactive and meaningful from landing pages to blog posts and even pricing pages. Get more tools here 19. @Roojoom #SMX #B13 Thank You </p>