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Tutorial in details to tell you how to create Christmas flash photo album with great photos, music and videos as one creative Christmas gift.


<ul><li> 1. How to Create Christmas Online Photo GalleryThe annual Christmas has already arrived, have you chosen the great and creative gifts for your family, friends or lovers? Not yet? Well, I think it's an excellent idea to create a unique Christmas album online. These Christmas photos are a great way to tell your loved ones how much you care. This stunning flash album with many pictures does greatly contribute to conveying the text or message of joy and happiness to all who receive them. During the last few years, people always choose to send Merry Christmas business email with pictures to their recipients. With the progress of science and technology, people could easily create flash photo album and upload to their computer for easy sharing. As a matter of fact, it really doesn't spend much money or effort to make modern and creative photo Christmas album for all to enjoy.1. Try to upload some photos to your hard drive on your computer, and add these pictures that you very much want to show on your photo album. Generally speaking, those clear, bright photos with a clean background will look the best. Try to do some basic editing jobs to your photos like clipping, cropping and many more. 2. Visit a website that really provides online album creating services. Here we would like to share you with such one easy-to-use XFlip free gallery maker. Install the software and launch it smoothly.</li></ul> <p> 2. 3. Click the "Import Files" to add Christmas photos. This shall prompt you to browse your saved picture files, where you can click on the photos you want to display on your Christmas album online. 4. Turn to "Setting" tab directly, it's the most creative and attractive step to create your style flash album as you like. The powerful software allows you to do many kinds of setting jobs like flash animations, add text, and apply effect and many more. 5. After all of the settings are confirmed, just click the "Preview" icon on the top menu to preview your flash album when you are done. You may also need to proceed to check-out when you are totally satisfied with your Christmas album. 6. Multiple outputs: -Publish a standalone SWF file or executable (EXE) file for users to distribute your album online. -Create HTML file for PC users and Mobile user to view your album online like your own website or blog. -Publish as animated Screen Saver to customize your desktop background image. -Make a flash album with the ZIP package and send it to your friends and customers via emails.</p>