How to create a killer app?

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How to create a killer app?

Hi, Im Michael Gena.I like to explore and experiment new web technologies. The following slides are an illustration of the solve one problem at a time theory when designing an app.

Initial problem

How to glance at the web?

I really mean GLANCE

Simple, quick, visual

Headlines, dashboard, fresh

Next problem

A nameUglance?Too close to YoutubeGlancer?

Too expensive for a domain name

I use it every dayDailyglancer!

NextlogoSymbolic, catching, simple

An eye?Too directcollection

Bee?Too hard to design


Lots of interesting contents

Not enough time

I need to collect

Thumbnails, boards, curation

Share?Not one to n

One to oneRecommend a glance

Engage a conversationMore personal

Plugins?glance makers

Youtube, instagram, twitter, facebook, RSS

Common bookmarks

Pin, carroussel

Responsive design?HTML 5, CSS 3

Interested in a live demo?