How to communicate science effectively (IWC8 Presentation)

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How to communicate science effectively

How to communicate science effectively

The importance of focusThe cheetah that sees a herd of gazelles but cant focus on one gazelle to chase starves to death!

This focus is more important for a short talk

Presentation often precedes the paper


Define the StoryNeedApproachSupporting evidenceEvaluationConclusion

33Need to step back and see the forest for the treesOften overwhelmed by clever, complicated methods analytical techniques, data etc and forget:What was the problem we set out to solve?What did we do/find? without all the nitty gritty detailWhat was the conclusion, impact, importance, implications, limitations of the work the take home message?Whats the one thing I want the audience to remember

Organise your thoughts in analogue push back from the keyboard. Analogue easier & quickerA computer is like a bicycle for your mind, it amplifies your input, it doesnt replace it. Dont let the computer get in way of your creativity

Know your audience


Its not about you, its about them and the message

44The scope, amount of detail, and the language used will depend on the audience and its importance to them [Why does it matter?]

Organise the StoryRoadmap Story boardSet out sections:

NeedApproachSupporting evidenceEvaluationConclusion

55The second hardest part is getting organised its more about organising than writingLogical flow of ideas/findings/outcomesAnalogue story board:white boardpen & paperpost-it notes3x5 cardsDecide on major sections of storyFill in sections with words and phrases that will become text slidesUse preliminary tables, graphs and illustrations until you have the final storyDont start building talk until the framework is in place

Working titleMethod 1Method 2Method 3Method 4Discusn1Discusn2Discusn3Discusn4Result 1Figures 1,2Result 2Result 4Tables 1,2Figure 6Result 3Figures 3,4,5

talk1?talk2?NeedNeed 1Need

6Landscape viewLogical sequence/flowOrder:chronological doesnt have to be the order the sampling, experiments were doneSpatial: inshore/offshore; upstream/downstreamLab, field, statisticsResults and Discussion in parallel6

Action timeTwo minutes elevator test challenge

One minute shake hand challenge

15 words highlights of the show challenge


Action time again

Now we get back to groups

On each table is a policy brief Group 1 will take the

Two minutes elevator test challenge

One minute shake hand challenge

15 words highlights of the show challenge

Basically sticking to this time I want an elected member of your group to present. We strictly adhere to time.2 minutes group if you exceed two minutes you miss the floor

2nd group will get a kick from the next in line to shake hands

3rd group will simply miss the vine we plan to serve later on


You have 15 minutes to prepareNeedApproachSupporting evidenceEvaluationConclusion