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How to buy a car for under $1,000 By: @KevinFox

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A talk about how to use local free resources (Craigslist and eBay) to located and purchase a reliable mode of transportation for $1,000 or less. Specifically there are several key points: 1) The car has to be under $1,000 dont go over, you dont need to. Never leave a deposit. 2) Car must be ready to drive, no major broken parts, cant be towed, you dont want someone elses problem. 3) Dont buy from a dealer, go private party. Dealers are shady mmmkay 4) What cars to look for, Older Dodge/GMC/Chevy mini-vans, 4x4 Jimmy/Blazers, Mercedes Diesels, Hondas 5) What not to look for... older jags, gas engine merdedes, 6) Share my experiences with CL and cheap car buying...


  • How to buy a car for under $1,000 By: @KevinFox
  • Now you can spend $1k on...
  • ... for today's purposes People often overlook some of the best features that a vehicle has to offer merely because it looks different than the most popular cars on the road, - Mark Simmons, purchasing manager for CarMax.
  • You may be thinking.... No way can I get something decent....
  • But you are wrong! Of course decent is relative, we are talking $1,000 or less here...
  • A word on New Vs. Used Depreciation Costs Warranty Condition Insurance History Reliability At the end of the day...
  • Let's get to it Getting Started (go local!) search by price (aim high, you can bargain!) Ebay is less helpful for cheaper cars but worth a look sometimes
  • Sorting through it all What to look for Minivans (not just for soccer moms... for realz) Compacts (with gas prices these just make sense) Boxy Cars (cars do not have to look like jelly beans) What not to Look For Exotic Foreign Cars (especially with high mileage) Anything Broke down (the car has to run, no rollers) Stay away from dealerships (umm ya....)
  • Look for keywords... easy project car = completely disassembled, bring many boxes only 59,000 miles = actually 359,000 miles rare model = one of 500,000 made must sell = before law finds seller only driven Sundays = Sunday is race day trans. rebuilt = fine sawdust used to make it quiet family owned = driven by 6 teenagers
  • Apply the Rules Search local, by price Check Mailing lists / Forums Do not ever pay over $1,000 Good tags for a while a plus! Do not leave a deposit Car must run w/o need for maintenance Stay away from dealerships Always arrange a test drive and buy during day Loud knock from the engine is bad thing
  • I Did... 1989 Plymouth Voyager SE $700 Good tags Runs Great 218k Miles
  • It has been great Road trip to Reno AND back Now has 232k Good gas mileage Cheap Insurance 12 second quarter mile? People love a family man...
  • What is out there now Always lots to choose from on Portland Craigslist 1991 Chevrolet Blazer S-10, 4.3L V-6, 4x4 - $550 1989 Chevy Astro Van - reduced price - $800 1988 LeBaron Coupe - $900 1991 VW Jetta - $850 I even found a few gems when I visited Tulsa... 1990 Chevy Astro Van w/ TV and A/C - $1000 1993 Mazda 929 - $800
  • Example #1 An example of a good boxy car The 4.3L V6 is a good, reliable motor (same as Astro Van) Some actual maintenance records are posted Easy to contact
  • Example #2 The Vans... Voyager/Caravan Astro Van/Safari (AWD) Windstar Conversion Vans
  • Example #3 True American luxury people $900 w/ new tires and turbo motor!! Found this on a list.... definite plus
  • Example #4 $850 Jetta Tags good till 09 Decent tires 35mpg+ Would also suggest Volvo Mercedes Diesel Porsche?
  • What I like... The hunt Good People / Stories 4x4 or AWD for the mountain Lots of leg room A/C for the summer... or convertible Cop Car Possible Veggie Oil conversion
  • Resources out there... Mailing Lists NW-SDAC For enthusiasts of Dodge vehicles inspired by Carol Shelby Check Google for your favorite brand/car Lots of online communities out there to help Forums Volvo IPD Website
  • The End...