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  • 1. ==== ====The best online training for building and maintaining an online business can be found here. . . ====Build your online business effectively by creating a profitable website that converts visitors intocustomers. Sounds easier said than done, right? To build your online business effectively thereare many different aspects and elements involved. They all need to be perfectly balanced and putin to place to create a website that makes profits. Your online store should reflect peace andharmony and at the same time it needs to establish a rapport with the visitor which will build uptrust and creates kind of like a "relationship" with them. Once they trust your product, service andwebsite, they will be happy to pass on personal details and payment information to make apurchase and become a (returning) customer.Build Your Online Business Effectively - Top 5 Critical Elements For Building a Profitable WebsiteWhatever the reason as to why you want to effectively build your online business and create aprofitable online store, a website is the most cost-effective way of marketing your business online.Traditional type businesses are struggling with the huge costs of full colored brochures, tradingshows, company and product presentations, newspaper and magazine ads, television ads andradio advertising. All the classical methods of advertising are extremely costly and are all down insales. The internet on the other hand is up in advertising and sales, so it makes sense to buildyourself a profitable online business. To help you on the way, let me share with you 5 criticalelements you need to take into account, before you start marketing your online business.5 Elements That Are Critical To Create a Website That Makes Profits1. Site Optimization Effectively building an online business, begins with search engine optimizationand is the most important aspect that needs to be perfectly in place. Do your keyword researchand analyze the words and long tail key phrases. Your website has to be optimized for the searchengines, in relevance to your business, product or service. How else are people going to find you?It is all about traffic, traffic and more web traffic. Keyword research is the foundation of all onlinemarketing. Make sure to implement all of your keywords and sentences in the right places on yourpages. Check all meta tags, the "title", "description" and "keywords". Also image and link "alt" tagsare not to be overlooked. Another good idea is to put "anchor text links" in the body text of yourpages.2. Capture Information The next critical element for creating a website that makes profits is a"capture form". Its a small area on the page where you can capture information from yourprospective buyers such as their name, email or other additional information. The best place to putyour capture form is on the right side of the page and above the fold, at the top. Good captureforms are those who promise to give your visitor something of extra added value and is free forthem. Lead your visitor to take action. Offer them a free gift voucher, an E-book or discountcoupons. Gathering information from your visitors is important because it allows you to follow up
  • 2. with your prospects and customers. Remember, the money is in the follow-up.3. Site Navigation To effectively build your online business you need to ensure that the profitablewebsite you are creating is easy to navigate. Do all the links in your pages deliver on the promisewhen a visitors clicks on them? Check how your main menu is structured. Make sure to include asite map and a search option. A good thing to do is Beta-test your site and get feedback. Invitesome of your friends and their friends to test the site. A good idea is to create a survey amongstyour site testers. Ask them questions such as: "Do you like the look and feel of the website?" "Doyou find the site easy to understand and navigate?". If not, ask them why. Another good idea is toask for suggestions from the testers. In return for their efforts you can offer them something forfree from your store, or a discount on their first purchase from you. This creates a nice win-winsituation at the same time and puts your website and business in the spotlight.4. Target Market Know your target market. Its the most common mistake of online marketers andbusiness owners. Never assume that the product or service you are selling is great for everybody.Dont think that everybody needs, what you have for sale. The other thing you need to realize isthat although they may need it, doesnt mean they will buy it. Effectively building your onlinebusiness means that you have to know and study your target market. Therefor, it makes a lot ofsense to do your market research. You need to find out at least the following answers to thesequestions:- Male or Female- Education- Age group- Interests, hobbies, sports etc...- Health- Married or Single- Children- Income level- Personal problems, issues and fearsOnce you know all the answers, you can draw yourself a diagram and work out where the weakareas and hotspots are. Based on the results of your market research, you can target market youraudience with effective online marketing campaigns that put your product or service in theforefront of everyone else. This results in high numbers of targeted traffic that will convert intomore sales and higher profits for you.5. Web Analytics Analyzing your website traffic provides you with a ton of very powerful and usefulmarketing information. You can see how many visitors you have, where they are geographicallylocated, how much time they spend on your pages, how they behave and navigate, what they clickon, the percentage of conversions, how they found you, etc.... All of this information you shoulduse to your advantage to create an online business that makes you profits. Make sure to also splittest your pages and capture forms. Website analysis also provides you with information about yourmarketing campaigns and the goals you have set.When you have all of the above 5 critical elements in place you need to start driving traffic to yourwebsite. Generating high numbers of website traffic can be achieved by using a variety ofmarketing methods, strategies and business tactics. Keyword research and analysis is an
  • 3. extremely important strategy and the basis of all your marketing efforts. Effectively implementingyour keywords and phrases in your articles, videos, blogs, websites and landing pages will havean immediate positive effect on the number of visitors to your website and the number ofconversions into repeating customers that keep buying from you.Next, do you want to know more about branding, promoting, marketing, selling and how togenerate high revenues of income with your website or blog? Click now, build your online businesseffectively, complete the form and pick up your FREE guide to Online Marketing which you canstart using for your business right away!To learn more about Mike and his team, visit now his website.He teaches Individuals, Newbies and Seasoned Pros, to reach Online Success through proven,professional, effective marketing methods and business strategies, to stay competitive in themarketing arena, to leave the competition eating dust and to stay well ahead of all the new trends.Article Source: ====The best online training for building and maintaining an online business can be found here. . . ====