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Build your online presence with intention. Marry who you are and where you want to go with the social web tools available to express yourself personally and professionally, while building a path to the exact opportunities you want. How? Mesh the internal (things like personal discovery, development and empowerment) with the external (the stuff where you come into contact with other people and the rest of the world, like web presence, digital literacy and professional expression). shows you how, in our always-on SUM-it UP program at Udemy (


A holistic approach to your online presenceGlobalNiche.netA HOLISTIC APPROACHTO YOUR ONLINE PRESENCEMonday, November 26, 12WHEN YOU BUILD YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE W I T H I N T E N T I O NYOU.... combine social web tools with who you are and what you care about and what you've experienced marry the concept of you with the pieces of your platform add personal discovery and professional development to digital literacy express personal & pro developments in your life empower yourself by recognizing what you have to offer and using best tools available to offer it meet your wider world, the communities you most want to engage with create a web platform stocked with your best content bring together your internal and external worlds of meaning and visibility achieve Web 3.0 & Life 3.0 build an intentional digital footprint that gets you recognized exactly how you want to be known GlobalNiche.netMonday, November 26, 12GlobalNiche.nets holistic approach to building an online presence ALIGNED WITH YOUR VISION & GOALSPERSONAL &PROFESSIONALDEVELOPMENTSOCIAL WEBTECHNOLOGYactual & conceptual pieces of youvirtual pieces of your platformINTERNAL EXTERNALprofessionalVISIBILITYACTUAL IZAT IONINTENTIONAL DIGITALFOOTPRINTTHE DIGITAL, GLOBAL YOU WEB PLATFORMCOMMUNITYengagementTHE WHOLE YOUMEANINGTHE WIDER WORLDyour WIDER WORLDEXPERIENCEINTERESTWEB 3.0& LIFE 3.0stocked with your own contentselfDIGITALlife & literacydiscoverypersonalpersonalempowermentCONTENTexpressionMonday, November 26, 12this is the way the world works nowGlobalNiche shows you how to operatewith our on-demand, dynamic channel for personal & professional development at Udemystart building your foundation for the future, today Monday, November 26, 12