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<ul><li><p>2016 Extimata Inc, Lisa Sasevich, The Invisible Close </p><p>1/2 </p><p>How to Discover Your Expert Title </p><p>I always knew in my heart that I had an awesome </p><p>gift - just as you do. Just as we all do. </p><p>For years I secretly hoped that someone would </p><p>recognize it and discover me. Maybe they would </p><p>offer me a chance to speak on a big stage or, </p><p>better yet, a TV show; something that would </p><p>allow me to get my gifts out into the world and be </p><p>known in a bigger way. </p><p>Finally, as my 40th birthday approached, I </p><p>realized that no one was coming to my door. Sure, I got recognized when I worked hard, but if I </p><p>wanted a big platform so that I could make the difference I was put here to make, I would have </p><p>to assume the throne and crown myself. </p><p>Now, assuming the throne is not about ego. It's about shining your light and sharing your gifts; </p><p>it's about declaring yourself the expert in your field, and moving forward, doing what you were </p><p>meant to do, without waiting for anyone's permission or needing approval. </p><p>For me the big day came when I flashed on what I now call my "expert title," which is The </p><p>Queen of Sales Conversion. This is a perfect umbrella title that describes my ability to inspire </p><p>people to say "yes" (which is converting a sale); and also to teach other heart-centered </p><p>entrepreneurs how to convert sales through Irresistible Offers in any format, whether on stage, </p><p>via teleseminar, one-on-one, or even during interviews. </p><p>By the way, I don't recommend that everybody crown themselves the Queen or King of X. It </p><p>happened to work for me, but may not be right for you. Other terms people use are: The XYZ </p><p>"Expert," "Mentor," or "Specialist." </p><p>So if you're ready to stop waiting and, instead, start discovering your own expert title, here's a </p><p>great way to begin: </p><p>1. What are you THE queen or king or expert of? What have you been doing for five years? 10 years? 20 years? What are your credentials? If </p><p>someone were to discover you, what would it be for? What do people come to you for... whether </p><p>they're paying you or not? </p><p>2. What transformation do you facilitate in people's lives? Again, whether you're paid for it or not, how do you impact other people? What transformation </p><p>do you facilitate? Your expert title should include that transformation so that people at a glance </p><p>will understand what you do. For example, one of my clients calls herself the Accelerated </p><p>Results Specialist, because she accelerates people's results beyond what they thought possible. </p><p>Another is the Recurring Revenue Expert, because she helps people who want to create steady, </p><p>repeated revenue. </p></li><li><p>2016 Extimata Inc, Lisa Sasevich, The Invisible Close </p><p>2/2 </p><p>How to Discover Your Expert Title </p><p>3. How would you describe the throne that you sit on, the space that you occupy? There may be dozens or even hundreds of people doing what you do, so pick a specific and </p><p>narrow piece of the field to claim. For instance, mine is about making Irresistible Offers and </p><p>inspiring on-the-spot action, which comprise my Invisible Close brand. My narrow focus </p><p>allows me to share the stage - and the spotlight - with other experts in the "sales" arena, who </p><p>focus on other areas such as overcoming objections, NLP or lead generation. </p><p>So don't wait any more. Go ahead and assume the throne. Take your seat at the head of the table. </p></li></ul>