how to achieve success in examination

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  • 1. How To Achieve Success In Examination Presented byShah JunaidID#9722 Shakeel AhmadID#9731 Uploaded By[email_address]

2. What is exam

  • Exam is technique that is test yours
  • -knowledge
  • -and understanding ability

3. Basic key points for exam success

  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Attempting the paper


  • 1) Planning

5. 1)Planing

  • A)Course material
  • B)Factors to be consider when planning
  • C)Monitoring your planning
  • D)A sample plan
  • E)Effect of a plan

6. A) Course material

  • Books /notes that fully cover the course
  • Syllabus for all subject
  • Past exam paper, if required

7. b) Factors to consider when planning

  • Study session (should from one to three hourswith definite time breaks
  • How much time will you consume with family ,friends
  • How much time will required for relaxation and recreation
  • Time for revision each subject

8. C) Monitoring you planning

  • Check out your plain on regular basis
  • Is your time table required any amended

9. D) Sample of plan

  • Name of the topic
  • Source of coverage
  • Time required completion status
  • 1 st revision
  • 2 ndrevision

10. E) Effect of a plan

  • What you have already done
  • What still need to done
  • Which topic consume your time


  • 2) preparation

12. 2) Preparation

  • A) Studying
  • B) Summarizing
  • C) Understanding
  • D) Memorizing

13. A) Studying

  • Choose comfort place
  • Always studying in same place
  • Protect himself from all types of distraction

14. B) Summarizing

  • Summarizing the key points instead of making long notes
  • Underline the key points /highlight important key points
  • It will help you in learning the concept

15. C) Underlining

  • Fully read the topic
  • Read the selected points
  • Link all points with each other
  • Consider these points from all different angles
  • Try to understand through examples

16. D) Memorizing

  • Newer memorize ifdon't understand
  • Always try to link material withwhat you have previously learnt
  • Change long pieces into shorter chunk
  • First make a rough idea then change it into neat one
  • Revision at once is also necessary


  • 3 ) Attempting the exams

18. 3) Attempting the exam

  • In exam hall
  • During solving the paper

19. A) In exam hall

  • Makes yours self comfortable (easy worm/cool clothes etc)
  • Arrive earlier
  • Avoid last movement revision
  • Check out your necessary things R. No, CNIC etc

20. B) During solving the paper

  • First wrote your R. No name on answer sheet
  • Read all question carefully (from front to back )
  • Divide (budget) your time for each question
  • Don't spent too much time on a single topic
  • Try to attempt all question

21. Conti,

  • Start each answer on a new page
  • Avoid repetition in answer
  • Use heading and sub heading
  • If possible, give your answerin points
  • Thestarting and ending of your answer should be in good form
  • Use only blue and black colour ink

22. Forfurther information:

  • Senior teacher
  • Internet
  • Introduction to business(book)by M. Saeed Nasir
  • Thanks.