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Information kit on the West Nine Mile Construction Project 2013, Downtown Ferndale, MI for businesses.


<ul><li> 1. GOLDRUSHSURVIVALKITGOLDRUSHSURVIVALKIT</li></ul><p> 2. ProjectOverviewHISTORY REPEATS ITSELFIN MAY of 2013, the City of Ferndale will embark upon a $1,896,236 three-prong infrastructure projectconsisting of water main and road resurfacing between Planavon and Pinecrest, coupled with a streetscapeenhancement between Livernois and Pinecrest. West Nine Mile Streetscape Improvement Project Phase IV: Livernoisto Pinecrest will change the overall dynamics of the most western section of Nine Mile between Livernois andPinecrest and at long last connect the west side of Nine Mile through consistent streetscape design, resolveaccessibility issues, provide for multiple modes of transportation or getting there, significantly improve theappearance and environment, and set the platform to spur on economic development. The road resurfacing andwater main replacement will take care of much needed infrastructure upgrades to improve service to this area. Thismulti-faceted streetscape project is more cohesive and cost-effective by implementing it in unison with each other.The City of Ferndale with the leadership, planning and execution by the Ferndale Downtown DevelopmentAuthority received a $590,133.60 Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant from Southeast MichiganCouncil of Governments*, an MDOT administered program, making Ferndale one of the first year recipients in thenew TAP program. The city matched the TAP funding for a total West Nine Mile Phase IV Streetscape Project cost of$1,062,132 encompassing a 4-block area (1/4 mile). This coincides with a 3R Project spearheaded by the City ofFerndale DPW funded by the Federal Highway SAFETEA-LU grant of $320,240 for road resurfacing. Since thewater main in that section is one of the oldest, the City will also be replacing the existing 6 inch water main with anew 12" water main to improve water reliability and complete the replacement of 1.5 mile of water main alongNine Mile from Paxton to the western City limits.*The City &amp; DDA first applied for and received a Michigan Department of Transportation TransportationEnhancement Grant. MDOTs TE program was transitioned into SEMCOGs TAP progam in late January 2013.Nine Mile Road is one of the most important assets for commerce in our downtown, and we have learnedfrom experience that physical improvements to our infrastructure and streetscape environment are critical instimulating economic growth. This section of West Nine Mile, as currently configured, is an impediment to economicgrowth and does not foster a cohesive atmosphere or a strong quality of life in our downtown. It is located at thewest end of downtown, within the Downtown Development Authority boundaries, with five lanes of traffic anddirectly abuts residential neighborhoods on the north and south sides.Over the last five years, residents and businesses alike have urged the City and DDA to improve this sectionof Nine Mile by increasing walkability, ADA accessibility, biking, safety, parking, visual presence, landscaping andstreetscape amenities. The streetscape severely lacks adequate facilities for disabled persons, is visuallyunappealing, pedestrian unfriendly and doesnt support business needs, services and growth. Because of this, someproperty owners are not able to fill vacancies and maintain their properties as hoped or expected, decreasing theproperty value and livability in this area. Because of the close proximity to residential neighborhoods, residents areimpacted by the declining commercial property values, debris, and inaccessible sidewalks. Birchler Arroyo, trafficengineering and planning consultants, specifically noted the following challenges within the area as part of the DDADowntown Development Plan: 3. WHAT WERE FIXIN! Not ADA Accessible Pedestrian Unfriendly &amp; Unsafe No On-street Parking Uninviting Environment Inadequate Pedestrian Crossings &amp; Ramps Lacks Continuity with Downtown and Amenities in CBD Traffic Misaligned at Pinecrest Traffic Signals &amp; Flow at Livernois Lacking, causing vehicular/pedestrian confusion Too Many Curb Cuts Disrupting Pedestrian Flow Poor Sight Lines at Corners where Residential Streets IntersectTherefore, as part of the DDAs and Citys master and downtown development plans of 2007 and2008, we included goals of increasing economic growth to this area, creating unison with other areas of thedowntown by providing continuity of streetscape design, walkability, materials and economic developmentinitiatives. By 2012, The Ferndale DDDA and volunteers held numerous focus groups and information sessions withthe public to discuss the needs of this area and incorporated these desires into the streetscape design. The designwill emulate many of the visual standards and materials used in the Nine Mile Streetscape Improvement ProjectPhases I-III from Paxton to Livernois immediately east of the area now defined, which were completed in 2001 andfunded by a TEA-21 grant. Since this project in 2001, we have had over $57 million in reinvestment in the areaand reduced our vacancy rate in this section from 30% to 2%.We know from experience how a good streetscape improvement project can positively impact the local economyand quality of life. We also know from experience how to implement, manage and complete streetscapeimprovement projects to fulfill State and Federal grants both the City and DDA have obtained.Streetscape design to be implemented: 5-to-3 Lane Conversion On-street Parking on South side Widen Sidewalks to Avg. 7ft. - ADA Compliant Bike Friendly - Integration of Sharrows Mid-block Crossing Remove Cobra Head Lights for Lower Height Ornamental Streetpoles Parking lot screenings Streetscape Amenitieso 9+bencheso trash/recyclable containerso 60 trees &amp; perennial bedso on-street bike corrals &amp; on-sidewalks racksHow the West was One, ultimately, will prove that Change is Good with a unified and attractivestreetscape, producing an environment where businesses will thrive and grow and consumers, residents and guestswill enjoy. The economic return will hopefully be like striking gold! 4. TheFerndaleDDAispreparedtovisitwithyouandyourstafftoprovidealltheinformationyouneedtorunyourbusinessandhelpyourcustomersgettoyouthroughouttheproject.Throughouttheproject,theDDAwillbeofferingspecialsforWestNinebusinesses--co-opadvertising,facebookpagealerts,,ext.400FerndaleDPW -248-546-2514CONTACTTHEFERNDALEDDACristinaSheppard-Decius,DDAExecutiveDirector,Cristina@DowntownFerndale.comChrisHughes,DDACommunications&amp;Mktg.Mgr.,Chughes@DowntownFerndale.comCindyWillcock,OperationsMgr.,Cindy@DowntownFerndale.comMarthaPotere,ProgramMgr.,Martha@DowntownFerndale.comGeneral:Info@DowntownFerndale.comInHouseStaffTraining&amp;W.NineSpecialsWheretofindinfo,howtoshareinfo!OptInforTextMessageTrafficAlerts:Ifyousmellgas/havealife-threateningemergencyCALL911.Likeustoconnect.ShareYourNews&amp;WellShare,too!INYOUREMAILBOX 5. PROJECT TIMELINEHow the West was One is a three stage project, each stage approximately eight weeks long.There will also be some Pre &amp; Post construction activity. Of course, the timeline will change according topotential delays from unpredictable circumstances, i.e. weather. Timeline changes will be noted at theweekly open-to-the-public Construction Briefings, 11 am, every Thursday at the DDA office. Stop by to getthe latest.Pre-ConstructionMay 5th 7 am. Water Main Big Flush. Expect some disruption in water service this morning, as well assome discoloration and sediment.May 6th 9 am Noon. Open House with plan details at DDA Office, 149 W. Nine Mile.May 9th Lights Out/Light Up. Lights between Livernois and Pinecrest removed, weather depending.May 13th Site prep including delivery of traffic barrels, construction equipment, project materials.BIG DIG begins.ConstructionMay JulyStage 1 The Big Dig Water Main Replacement. Main runs along the north side of West Nine,Planavon to Pinecrest. Crews will dig, replace and fill in daily. EXPECT some interruption of water service,at least twice, up to 4 hours each, during this phase. Businesses will be notified a day in advance and wewill work around business needs as best as possible. Sidewalks on both sides will be disrupted andreplaced as businesses are disconnected from the old main and reconnected to the new.July-SeptemberStage II Gussy Up 1. Streetscape improvements. North side of West Nine. New and widersidewalks, hardscape and conduit installation, curb and gutter, drive accesses.September-NovemberStage III Gussy Up 2. Streetscape improvements. South side of West Nine. Painting &amp; prepping ofparking bays. New and wider sidewalks, hardscape and conduit installation, curb and gutter, driveaccesses. Iinstallation of streetscape amenities - seating, trash cans, street lights, trees, plants, etc.POST-ConstructionNovember Hoe Down! A Celebration of a West Nine Thats One! Read the Pony Expressfor future details! 6. GETTING AROUND/TRAFFIC INFOHow the West was One will disrupt the daily flow of traffic throughout the length of the project.Specific information on weekly changes will be available at the weekly Construction Briefings, everyThursday at 11 am at the DDA office. You are always welcome to attend.Businesses have been categorized as Gold or Silver, depending on location within the project. Please referto the list below to know whether you are a Gold or Silver zone business. This will help you betterunderstand how and when you will be affected.Here are some specific need-to-knows to help you and your customers get around town. Sign up for urgent construction text messages. Once you opt in, you will receive text alerts. West Nine Mile will be reduced to two lanes of traffic during construction.o During Stage I &amp; II, traffic will flow both ways in the south two lanes.o During Stage III, traffic will be adjusted to the north two lanes. Drive access for businesses will be maintained, with periodic, partial closings. Southside alley between Livernois and Beaufield will become one way, west bound, to accessparking. Deliveries should be directed to parking lots OR ask us what might be best. NOPARKING in alley. Free public parking is available at the American Legion Hall. Sidewalk access will be interrupted. Please follow the signs. Prepare to provide alternative -- side or back door - access to your business. Dover, Beaufield &amp; Kenton will be closed to thru traffic at Nine Mile.Gold Businesses#1 Nails Ferndale Foods Physical Therapy &amp; Rehab8 Degrees Plato Hong Kong #1 Salon on IXCladdagh Chiropractic I Heart Hair Crush Shear HeavenCourtesy Cleaners Intrinsic Boutique State of the ArtCVS Pharmacy Jameel Permanent Make Up Studio 925 PhotographyDs Treasure Chest Joes Party Store Thomas Chweirut, DODTE Substation Papa Romanos Pizza West Woodward Animal ClinicEvolution Skin Care Studio PC Michigan Food &amp; Ankle Zenru The SalonSilver BusinessesAffirmations Huntington Bank Painting With A Twist Standard Building MaintenanceAssaggi Bistro Jackson Hewitt Retro Barber Shop Sullivan CleanersBangkok Caf Le Bling Said Shoe Repair Thru Lunas EyesBella Vita Boutique Le Host Salon 501 Western MarketBuffalo Wild Wings Local Kitchen &amp; Bar Save-A-LotCupcake Station Lynns Nails Schramms MeadDriven Solutions ME Wells Supply Secreto Cigar BarHungry Howies Nine Lives Tattoo Spaulding &amp; Curtin Funeral Home 7. BENEFITS TO TALK ABOUTRoad construction is messy business but THIS road construction is going to do more than produce just another prettysurface. How the West was One goes deep and while road crews are busy fixin West Nine, here aresome of the pluses that will keep you talking.PARTNERS &amp; FUNDING $1.9 million project is an investment by federal, state &amp; city government in your part of town. Massiveimprovement projects such as this are proven to spur more private investment in the project area and thus,spur economic redevelopment and improve quality of life. Partners in the project are the City of Ferndale, Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, MichiganDepartment of Transportation, Ferndale Downtown Development Authority &amp; the U.S. Government FederalHighway Administration. Funding for the project comes via a $590,000+ Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) Grant fromSEMCOG/MDOT, a $320,000+ Federal Highway Grant and matching funds from the City of Ferndale.The Ferndale DDA also contributed $120,000+ in financial and in-kind support to provide design &amp;engineering.ULTIMATE BENEFITS Everyone -- cyclists, pedestrians, motorists, neighbors -- will appreciate improvements including:o Wider sidewalks for baby strollers, wheelchairs, street furniture &amp; people, in general.o Road bike sharrows for cyclists &amp; cars to know they Share The Road.o Mid-block crossing at Beaufield with push button rapid beacon to alert drivers.o Energy-efficient &amp; attractive LED decorative street lights that dont impede accessibility.o On-street car &amp; bike parking for customers.o Landscaping including trees, perennials &amp; the opportunity for flower baskets.o Full connectivity along West Nine from Pinecrest to the center of Downtown.o Improved water service for your business.o Sustainable, permeable paving &amp; recycling trash receptacles that help our environment. West Nine will go on a road diet from five lanes of traffic to three. Better signaling and signage will produce smoother flow of traffic in fewer lanes. West Nine Mile Road will be one with the rest of Downtown!ON THE JOB Giffels Webster Engineers are Construction Project Coordinators. GWE Full-Time Construction Inspector will be on site DAILY. The City of Ferndale DPW Director Loyd Cureton is the Lead Project Manager. Ferndale DDA Executive Director Cristina Sheppard-Decius is the Chief Information Officer. 8. SILVERMININGAREAWATERMAIN&amp;RESURFACINGONLYGOLDRUSHAREASTREETSCAPE,WATERMAIN&amp;RESURFACINGW9ConstructionProjectSpring-Fall2013!StageI:BigDig(May-July)StageII:GussyUpPartINorthsideof9(July-September)StageIII:GussyUpPartIISouthsideof9(Sept.-November)Driveaccessesforbusinesseswillbemaintainedwithperiodicpartialclosings.SidewalkaccessduringeachStagewillbeinterrupted,pleasefollowconstructionsigns.Beaufield,Dover&amp;KentonwillbeclosedtothrutrafficatNineMile.SouthsidealleybetweenLivernoisandBeaufieldwillbechangedtoaone-wayalleyduringconstructiontoaccommodatedeliveriesandparking.Pleasefollowconstructionsigns.(Seealleyreroutemap)FreePublicParkingavailableatAmericanLegionHall.(Seealleyreroutemap)SIDESTREETSCLOSEDTOTHRUTRAFFICATNINEMILE**USEALLEYTOACCESSBUSINESSESNORTHBOUNDLIVERNOISANDPARKINGLOTENTRANCECLOSEDTOTHRUTRAFFICATNINEMILENINEMILELANEREDUCTION:TWOLANESOFTRAFFIC(WEST&amp;EASTBOUND)WILLREMAINOPENTHROUGHOUTCONST...</p>