how swedes react when their politicians post instagram pictures containing their genitals

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This presentation describes how a Swedish MP by accident posted a picture of his genitals on Instagram, and statistics showing how the Swedish population reacted


  • 1. What happens when a swedish politician accidentally shows his penis on Instagram?
  • 2. The story
  • 3. The 24 July Lars Ohly, Swedish MP on vacation, posted a quite private picture on Instagram
  • 4. The picture showed his calf with a tattoo of Liverpool FC's liver bird
  • 5. But, supposedly by accident, the picture also included his penis
  • 6. Here is the actual picture:
  • 7. The picture was online for 11 minutes before the media noticed his faux pas
  • 8. Lars Ohly received a phone call, consequently removed the picture, and joked about the whole thing on twitter
  • 9. By that time the picture had spread on the Internet
  • 10. Lars joking My wife is laughing at the penis pic. Onwards Ill be previewing all pics you post on instagram
  • 11. The picture hit the news
  • 12. Some made gentleman fun of him on twitter "Congratulations. Finally, after all these years you've made this genuine public breakthrough."
  • 13. He mostly received supportive tweets from regular swedes on twitter
  • 14. And in midst of swedish summer heat and holiday that seemed to be the end of the matter
  • 15. But, how did the Swedish people actually react to his revealing blunder?
  • 16. The statistics
  • 17. 65 % of Swedes are actually indifferent to the picture!
  • 18. And in the context of free expression, 38 % think it was a good thing
  • 19. Whereas 35 % simply dont care
  • 20. 78 % have an unchanged confidence in his role as a MP
  • 21. 53 % think that the picture does not reflect on his competence as a MP
  • 22. Conclusions
  • 23. Conclusions Big majority of Swedish population are forgiving and understanding in this case Many Swedes simply didnt care Lars Ohly got away with his faux pas
  • 24. However, around a quarter of the Swedes did not look kindly on the mistake So, his reputation did get a blow Luckily for him though, only half of the Swedes had read about him publishing the picture, so any damage should be halved Conclusions
  • 25. How would the people in your country react to such a revealing picture?
  • 26. Mistakes are bound to increase as politicians make more use of social media Boundries of what is accepted behaveour will probably be crossed Keep updated about what the population thinks with PlantaQuestion
  • 27. The questions about the reactions to Lars Ohlys picture were asked through the online research service PlantaQuestion ( 1035 Swedes responded to the qusetions (out of 2066 asked). Their distribution reflects the Swedish population aged 18-70 YO in terms of age, gender and region. About the statistics The questions were asked during the period 2013-07-25 to 2013-07-31, just a few days after the picture had been posted on Instagram. The questions were distributed through 80 of Swedens online survey panels, comprising around 500 000 active members.
  • 28. Plant a Question is an online service that allows anyone to ask questions to the population in one or serveral countries and receive statistical reports back within a few days Simply create an account and ask your questions About
  • 29. Coming soon