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Presentation delivered by Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane to the Conference Board Senior HR Executive Conference, New York City, November 16, 2011.


<ul><li> 1. How Social Tools Can Empowera Global Organization The Conference BoardSenior Human ResourcesExecutive Conference, November 2011 Trish McFarlane St. Louis Childrens Hospital Steve Boese Oracle Corporation</li></ul> <p> 2. Agenda Current State of Social The Future of Work Growth Innovation People Action Plans 3. Lets Level Set 4. In some ways, youve come to a fork in the road the directionyou choose says much about your organization, its culture, and your leadership styles 5. Social and The Future of Work:Growth 6. RevenueYouTube Overall sales for Old Spice body-wash productsare up 11 percent in the last 12 months; up 27 percent inthe last six months; up 55 percent in the last three months;and in the last month, with two new TV spots and the onlineresponse videos, up a whopping 107 percent. Facebook Levis implemented like buttons on all product pages last year, and more than 50% of its Cyber Monday traffic came from Facebook. Twitter And while not everyone jumps on a deal for a refurbished machine or other outlet-style bargains. the company has been able to track sales that originated from a Twitter click and led to other parts of If you count those sales, @DellOutlet has led to more than $3 million in revenue for Dell. 7. Mergers &amp;Acquisitions"Various studies have shown that mergers havefailure rates of more than 50 percent. One recentstudy found that 83 percent of all mergers fail tocreate value and half actually destroy value.- Robert Holthausen -Wharton 8. Mergers &amp; AcquisitionsCompany News FeedSurfacesActivity and Status. Filesharingand suggested connectionsGroups Feeds forDepartmentor Interest CommunitiesIntegration with traditionalEnterprise systemsWeve found Yammer to be an excellent tool for identifying and connecting to thecorrect set of people for any given project, idea, or opportunity.-- Wilbur Swan, Senior Director of Product Management, ContactNet 9. Prediction Markets How do we know if we are on the right track? Will the new products launchon time? Where should we invest ourlimited resources? Who might have some insights for us? 10. Prediction Markets Prediction Markets let everyone share their opinion, and socialize these opinions across the organization Leaders and managers can see summarized distributions of predictions, and breakdowns by department and location Comparisons can be drawn between predictions and more traditional methods of forecasting and planningPrizes and leader boardsdriveinterest, participation, andenthusiasmBy leveraging the insights of its diverse and knowledgeable employeecommunity, EA realized $15 - $20M in additional revenues as a result of optimizingmarketing spend on top quality game. 11. Social and The Future of Work:Innovation 12. Innovation Via CrowdsourcingPricewaterhouseCoopersMitra Best, US Innovations Leader at PwCcreated Power Pitch, a firm-wide innovationcontest to crowd source ideas that couldpotentially generate $100 million in revenue.Received 779 ideas pitched comingfrom nearly 60% of the firmsemployees.$100,000 prize to the winning team. Thecontest provided leadership and careerdevelopment opportunities for the staff. Ifeven one of the ideas generated becomes a$100 million line of service, it will dwarf thecosts of PwCs investment in Power Pitch. 13. Innovating Patient RelationshipsSt. Louis Childrens Hospital Demonstrating medical and technical expertisealong with our spirit of caring via our YouTubevideos. We welcome our patients and sharestories of various medical situations. Looking at ways to use FourSquare and Twitterto reach out to patient families Lets take a look 14. Hillary Clinton:The ParticipationAge One of my goals upon becoming Secretary of State was to takediplomacy out of capitals, out of government officer, into themedia, into the streets of countries. So from the verybeginning, in February 2009, I have tried to combine thenecessary diplomacy of government meetings, of creatingstructures in which we enhance our participation government togovernment, with people-to-people diplomacy. Because givensocial media, given the pervasion now of communicationstechnologies everywhere, no leader is any longer able toignore his people. Time Magazine 15. Social and The Future of Work:People 16. Recruiting - LinkedIn 17. Recruiting - Twitter 18. Recruiting Career Sites Going Social 19. Recruiting Beyond Ads 20. Recognition and RewardsTheCompany News is perfect for our many employees who dont sit at mobile site FeedEmployees can share activitySurfaces to external social graphs.desks and theAwards, andRecognition, social elements like Live Recognition help buildpersonal relationships within our diverse workforce. These featuressocializes activityhelp us align all employees to our business goals.-Josh Karam, Director of Human Resources, Starwood Hotels 21. Social and The Future of Work: Action Plans Start Thinking Social Find Advocates Walk the Talk Embrace the Crazy Tie Actions to Goals Dont be Afraid 22. Contact us Trish McFarlane o www.hrringleader.como Steve Boese o www.steveboese.squarespace.como </p>