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Everyone believes the sales team is the key to driving revenue--do you know what it takes to help your sales team succeed?


<ul><li> 1. How Sales Teams Succeed BrianLambert b ASTD </li> <li> 2. Agenda Today sBusinessChallenge Todays Business Challenge EvolutionofSelling RoleofWorkplaceLearning&amp;Performance l f k l i &amp; f HelpingYourSalesTeamSucceed </li> <li> 3. The Economist, January 2008 </li> <li> 4. Nothing happens in BUSINESS until somebody til b d sells something g sogosellsomethingorhelp someonesellsomething ll h </li> <li> 5. Todays Business Challenges Today s Economic Issues EconomicIssues Increasetheneedfor Effectiveness Efficiency Everyone needs/wants better information Everyoneneeds/wantsbetterinformation AccordingtoIBM,by2010theamountofdigital informationonearthwilldoubleevery11hours Currentamountofdigitalinformationequals45GBof dataforeverypersononearth </li> <li> 6. People agenda - CEOs priority list Percentagewhostronglyagree: Thepeopleagendaisoneofmytoppriorities: 58% Myleadershipteamhasthecapabilityand confidencetoleadsignificantchange:29% confidence to lead significant change: 29% Mytimeisbestspentonthepeopleagenda: 22% Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers 11th Annual Global CEO Survey, 2008 </li> <li> 7. CEOs Top Innovation Challenges Challenges to improving the company s innovation performance companys ofgreatest Rank Description concern concern 1 Acquiring/developingtherighttalent 31.0% 2 Improvingcustomerrelationships 28.4% 3 Visiblecommitmentfromtopleaders 24.3% 4 Brandrecognition 23.3% 5 Establishing/promotinganinnovationculture Establishing/promoting an innovation culture 22.0% 6 Increasingmarketsharethroughnewproducts/services 20.0% 7 Knowledgetransferamongemployees 16.9% 8 I i i i l Improvementinoriginalproducts/processes d / 15.5% 15 5% 9 Completelynewproducts/services 14.2% 10 Strategicmergersandacquisitions 13.9% Source: Conference Boards CEO Challenge 2007: Top 10 Challenges N=769 </li> <li> 8. How Has the Sales Organization Evolved? </li> <li> 9. Evolution of the Sales Process Yesterday Today (li ) (linear) ( l ) (nonlinear) Prospecting CustomerRetention Preapproach Pre approach Database/Knowledge mgt Database/Knowledgemgt Approach RelationshipSelling Presentation Marketing OvercomingObjections ProblemSolving Closing AddingValue Followingup RelationshipMaintenance Adapted from: W.C. Moncrief, G.W. Marshall / Industrial Marketing Management 34 (2005) 1322 </li> <li> 10. Changing Expectations... g g p 1. Take more responsibility Make the right decisions for our business 2 U d t d and relate to our business 2. Understand d l t t b i Understand our industry and our team 3. Be more professional Take responsibility and show accountability 10 </li> <li> 11. Changing Expectations... 4. ListenMore Articulatethevalue 5. BeProductive Setappropriateexpectations Gatherandsharerealinsightwithus </li> <li> 12. Evolution of Sales Focus Th Ti TheTimePeriod P i d E Eraof f WithaFocusOn With F O Late 1800s 1920 Sales Science The transaction itself 1920 1945 Sales Process Facilitating transactions 1945 1985 Sales Relationship The transaction decision 1985 2005 Sales Technology All transaction steps 2005 ?? Sales Competency The buying experience Source: Is Your Sales Training Stuck in the 1890s, T+D , April 2008 </li> <li> 13. How Have Sales Team Members Coped? </li> <li> 14. 5 Biggest Mistakes Salespeople Make k Notfollowingsoundsellingprocesses Nothoningandbuildingessentialskills g g Notmaintainingproperfocus Notbuildinganddisplayingconfidence Not building and displaying confidence Notgrowingintoagoodleader Source: AMI survey, 5 Biggest Challenges facing Sales VPs in 2600 organizations, 2005 </li> <li> 15. Trends in WLP Leadership Development Business Talent Skills Management Better Senior Organizational Leadership Investments Execution Engagement Sell something? thi ? 15 </li> <li> 16. The Sales Rep-to-Manager Disconnect i SalesManager SalesManager SalespersonSays: Salesperson Says: Says: Thinks: Doyouthinkthecustomer Whydidyouleavewithout ? Wh t willbuyfromus?Whatare ill b f I d t k Idontknow. atleastschedulinga at least scheduling a thenextsteps? followupcall? Itmaybethelastsaleyou You pushed the buyer Youpushedthebuyer getwiththiscustomer. get with this customer Iclosedthedeal,didntI? prettyhard. Whathappenedtobuilding relationships? Theprofitsfromthese Iwasintheareaandthey accounts Inoticedthat20%ofyour dontevenpayfor liketoseeme,soIcallon callswereonCaccounts. themwhenIcan. thecalls.Youneed totargetbetter. to target better </li> <li> 17. The Sales Trainer-to-Sales Manager Disconnect Di t SalesManager SalesManager SalesTrainerSays: Sales Trainer Says: Says: Thinks: Doyouhaveanythingthat Howwouldyoudefineand willhelpoursalesrepswith ill h l l ith measureactivityinthis ti it i thi Uhoh Uh h activitymanagement case? Ineedtogetsometraining Well have to start with a We llhavetostartwitha Maybe I will just out MaybeIwilljustout forourrepsthathelpsthem properneedsanalysis sourcethis buildrelationships. Mostofourbudgetistied We need to focus on Weneedtofocuson upinleadership up in leadership Iwillrunthetraining accountplanningand developmenttraining,butI myself territorymanagement willseewhatIcandohow soondoyouneedit? </li> <li> 18. The Sales Profession Competency Model Thedefinitionofworldclass Thedefinitionofworld selling ll </li> <li> 19. Sales Competency Model Advisory Panel Representation 19 </li> <li> 20. Administrator Analyst Consultant Developer Manager Strategist SalesRoles CreatingandClosingOpportunities ProtectingAccounts DefiningandPositioningSolutions SupportingIndirectSelling SettingSalesStrategy Setting Sales Strategy ManagingwithintheSalesEcosystem DevelopingSalesForceCapability DeliveringSalesTraining CoachingforSalesResults BuildingSalesInfrastructure DesigningCompensation D i i C i MaintainingAccounts RecruitingSalesTalent SalesAreasofExpertise Partnering Insight Solution Effectiveness SpanningBoundaries AnalyzingOrganizationalCapacity FacilitatingChange BuildingBusinessSkills CommunicatingEffectively UnderstandingBusinessContext FormalizingAgreements SolvingProblems AligningtoCustomers EvaluatingCustomerExperiences ResolvingIssues EmbracingDiversity SettingExpectations GatheringIntelligence ManagingProjects MakingEthicalDecisions NegotiatingPositions PrioritizingStakeholderNeeds LeveragingSuccess ManagingKnowledge B ildi R l i hi BuildingRelationships Identifying Options IdentifyingOptions Articulating Value ArticulatingValue Using Technology UsingTechnology BuildingaBusinessCase AcceleratingLearning ExecutingPlans MaximizingPersonalTime AligningtotheSalesProcess FoundationCompetencies </li> <li>...</li></ul>