how do computer viruses work?

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How do Computer Viruses Work?. Max Miller 2005. What is a Computer Virus?. similar to biological viruses. both parasitic. a virus can be seen and a computer virus is a program. Virus Programs. Programs contain: how it destroys files etc. replication information. how it disperses. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • How do Computer Viruses Work?

    Max Miller2005

  • What is a Computer Virus?similar to biological viruses. both parasitic.a virus can be seen and a computer virus is a program.

  • Virus Programs

    Programs contain:how it destroys files etc.replication it disperses.

  • Virusesare most basic viruses.only destroy and replicate.can easily be detected and destroyed.

  • e-Virusesuse e-mail to spread and infect. launch when attachment is opened. then sent to a person on your e-mail list. below is an infamous e-virus called the ILOVEYOU virus.

  • Wormsexploit security holes.replicate in these holes.replicate faster than viruses.

  • Trojan Horsesare files. when file is opened, virus is launched. it begins infecting.

  • Other Virusesstealth viruses hide from anti-virus programs. parasitic viruses replicate by destroying data. polymorphic viruses change program to avoid detection.

  • Origins of Viruses1. Creator is mentally destructive. 2. Creator wants to make a mess of things.3. Bragging rights.

  • Virus Protectionanti-virus systems must be bought or downloaded.

  • Firewallsstops viruses in the like a filter that stops all viruses etc.

  • Virus LimitationsViruses cant:

    infect the monitorinfect computer chipsinfect compressed files

  • Source of Viruses

  • Where do Viruses Come From?

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