How a Professional Locksmith Protects Your Security

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    How a Professional Locksmith Protects Your Security

    While there are a number of things

    that you can do to make your home

    safer, none are going to be as

    effective as a good set of deadbolt

    locks. You can have a guard dog,

    alarm system and any number of

    other things, but using your deadbolt

    will go a lot farther at keeping you

    safe than you can imagine.

    Intruders will often use force in an

    attempt to get into a home. When you dont have a deadbolt in place or they

    arent working properly, it wont take much for the burglar to gain access to

    the inside and rob you blind. One kick might be all they need to invade your

    space and steal your possessions.

    Deadbolts have a steel bolt extending into your door jamb. Single-cylinder

    deadbolts operate using a twist knob that you can easily turn on the inside

    of your home. Outside, you simply use a key to gain access to your home.

    There is always the option of getting the double-cylinder option for added

    security. This particular option requires a key to activate the deadbolt from

    the inside and the outside of the home.

    Most burglaries result from someone forcing their way into the home.

    When it comes to residential burglaries, 74% of all break-ins happened in

    the middle of the day from a burglar who forced their way inside. With

    billions of dollars being lost from burglars breaking down the door, it makes

    sense why so many individuals are turning to professional locksmiths to get

    the job done and keep their property safe and secure inside of their homes.

    By having a deadbolt in place, the burglar isnt going to be able to kick your

    door in like they could with just a generic lock in place. Using a more durable

    lock and reinforced screws and strike plate, you can put your mind at ease

    and rest assured that all of your personal effects will be taken care of for

  • Pop-A-Lock of Wilmington NC | (910) 798-3001 |

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    quite some time. Dont leave your safety and security to chance; call upon a

    professional locksmith to come out and get the lock installed quickly and


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