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  • 1. PT 2
    Architecture of Hong Kong
  • 2. Hong Kong is the worlds most vertical city with over 7,600 skyscrapers, most of which are all within a mile of the waterfront. Hong Kong also boasts 36 of the 100 tallest residential skyscrapers in the world. While there is still some old architecture left from its time as a fishing village, most of the architecture seen nowadays is super sleek and modern.
  • 3. Most of the older architecture is in the form of nunneries and temples and is very traditional with high regard to fengshui ideas. Even most of the modern skyscrapers that are built are also constructed with fengshui in mind. It is a perfect example of Hong Kongs famous melding of eastern and western ideas into a single, sleek entity.
  • 4. Most of Hong Kongs buildings reflect the commercial nature of the region and are very close to the waterfront and port. They even have a choreographed light show that is projected on to the buildings over the harbor at night to welcome anyone visiting for pleasure or for business and accentuating the inviting and varied nature of the people living in the region.
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