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A housing profile of Hong Kong. Focusing on current supply issues and the governments approach to meeting housing needs. Exhibiting some of the the best and worst examples of living conditions in one of the most densely populated countries in the world, it concludes with some recommendations for change.


<ul><li> Housing and Settlements Hong Kong SAR Profile May 2014 130600590 </li> <li> Contents </li> <li> Hong Kong has transitioned from a high growth phase to a low growth phase. (World Population Review, 2014) 1. Introduction 1.1 Administration 1.2 Population and Demographics H </li> <li> 1.3 Economy 2 4 United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (2013) 5 Florida; Martin Prosperity Institute (2011) </li> <li> 2. Housing Stock 2.1 Overview 3 2.2 Affordability </li> <li> 3. Types of Housing (Please see appendix 1 for a more specific description of each individual house type) 3.1 Formal 6 </li> <li> Hong Kong is a heaven to rich families a hell to grass roots. (Ho Lap College, 2013) 3.2 Informal 7 </li> <li> Hong Kong aims to take a supplyled strategy with a focus on public housing (Policy Address, 2014) 4. Market Shortfall 4.1 Present and Future Need T </li> <li> 5. Property Acquisition 5.1 Middle-to-High Income Households 5.2 Middle-Income Households F </li> <li> 5.3 Low-Income Households 11 </li> <li> 6. Case Study: Sham Shui Po T </li> <li> 6.1 Health and Wellbeing12 6.2 Sanitation and Ventilation 6.3 Safety </li> <li> 6.4 Cost 13 </li> <li> Finding an adequate amount of land to meet Hong Kongs housing supply target will involve making choices and accepting trade-offs. (Policy Address, 2014) 7. Barriers to Development 7.1 Land Availability 14 7.2 Maintaining Economic Growth 7.3 Upholding Liberal Principles </li> <li> In all markets Hong Kong is keen to uphold its Big Market, Small Government principles. (HK Government, 2012) 7.4 Interest Rates 15 </li> <li> 8. Conclusion 8.1 Suggestions for Improvement 16 T </li> <li> Appendix 1 Specific Description of House Types </li> <li> Bibliography </li> </ul>