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This presentation is all about HKD that is Hong Kong Disneyland, its background, Hong Kong Tourism, Operations, Negative Publicity and HKD's Response.......:)


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Hong Kong Disneyland</p> <p>Team Members</p> <p>Sudhir Singh RajputYatish MittalAmit YadavArun JoshiAnurag ShuklaVikrant Arora</p> <p>ABOUT DISNEY</p> <p>The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) Founded on October 16, 1923 as Disney Bros. StudiosBy brothers Walter Elias Disney (1901-1966) and Roy O Disney (1893-1971)Incorporated in 1938 as Walt Disney Productions</p> <p>Disney Mission</p> <p>Mission Statementthe Walt Disney company is committed to balancing environmental stewardship with its corporate goals and operations throughout the worlds</p> <p>Disney Vision</p> <p>Vision Statementto make people happy</p> <p>Business Diversity</p> <p>TV NetworksMotion PicturesTheatresAnimationPark &amp; resortsMedia NetworksConsumer Products</p> <p>Hong Kong Disneyland</p> <p>Opening :- September 12, 2005 Cast Member :- 5000A joint venture between The Walt Disney Company and the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR Government). In 2006, Hong Kong Disneyland ranked among the top five most popular places to visit in Hong Kong. </p> <p>Attractions</p> <p>Main Street, U.S.A.PiratelandFantasylandTomorrowland</p> <p>Tokyo Disney Resort</p> <p>Disney opened its first non- U.S. park in Tokyo, Japan in 15 April1983.</p> <p>Cost US$1.4 billion Joint venture between Mitsui and Keisei</p> <p>Financed by Oriental Land Co. to minimize the risk</p> <p>Disney was as licenser and designer</p> <p>Received US$100 million royalty</p> <p>Support and attendance</p> <p>Disney Resort Paris</p> <p>France was the largest consumer It also named Euro DisneyCame in operation in 1992 after a long negotiation Avoid mistakeProblems -cost overrun -No profitAdded new theme park-Walt Disney StudioLoss-US$190million</p> <p> Reason Primary language is French </p> <p> Recruitment and training process are not well Dress code</p> <p> Disney policy of banning alcoholic beverages</p> <p>Different Outcomes</p> <p>Disney so successful in Tokyo and largely failure in Paris</p> <p>Americana represented by Disney was an asset in Japan but liability in France</p> <p>Revers cultural imperialism </p> <p>HRM requires happiest place on earth </p> <p>PRODUCT</p> <p>MICKEY MOUSE</p> <p>US</p> <p>Sqeaky-clean ,allamericanboy</p> <p>JAPAN</p> <p>Safe and reliable</p> <p>FRANCE</p> <p>Cunning , street smartdetective</p> <p>COWBOY</p> <p>Rugged, self -reliant</p> <p>Quintessential team player</p> <p>Carefree , anti establish individual</p> <p>SOURENIRS</p> <p>Fun part of experience</p> <p>Use as a mementos and gift giving ,sembetsu</p> <p>Tacky , waste of money</p> <p>Hong Kong Tourism Industry</p> <p>Tourism is the fastest growing of the Four Pillar Industries in Hong Kong.</p> <p>The industry is relatively labor intensive and thus is an important driver for generating jobs. Between 2000 and 2009, 28.4% of the new jobs created were in the tourism sector.</p> <p>Tourism performance</p> <p>Economic significance of tourism in Hong KongHK$52.3 billion value added, 3.4% of GDPEmploys a workforce of over 190 000Total visitor arrivals in 2009: 29.6 million (+0.3%)</p> <p>21</p> <p>International Tourist Arrivals</p> <p>Local Attractions</p> <p>Victoria Peak</p> <p>Repulse Bay</p> <p>Open-air Markets</p> <p>Ocean Park</p> <p>Government House</p> <p>Statue Square</p> <p>Victoria Peak</p> <p>Victoria Peak </p> <p>Repulse Bay</p> <p>Statue Square</p> <p>Open-air Markets</p> <p>Government House</p> <p>Ocean Park</p> <p>Occupied a quasi-monopoly position </p> <p>Founded in 1977</p> <p>Located near Hong Kong Central District</p> <p>Had an annual attendance of more than 4 million visitors</p> <p>Ranked one of the top amusement park in the world by Forbes Magazine in 2006</p> <p>Ocean Park </p> <p>Ocean Park </p> <p>Hong Kongs Disneyland</p> <p>Disney initiated a conversation with the HKSAR government in Aug 1998</p> <p>Initially planned to simply run the park on a management fee and Licensing contract basis</p> <p>Created 18,400 jobs and was expected to increase 35,800 in 20 yrs</p> <p>3.4 million visitors attracted to the park</p> <p>Over a period of 40 years, it was forecast that HKD would generate an economic benefit equivalent to KH $ 148 billion</p> <p>The Concluded Deal</p> <p>After a year of negotiation the final contract was signed in December of 1999</p> <p>Hong Kong International Theme Park Limited(HKITP) , The joint venture formed between Disney and the Hong Kong government in Dec 1999</p> <p>While Government developed the infrastructure, Disney provided master planning, real estate development, production development.</p> <p>Disney also set up a wholly owned subsidiary, Hong Kong Disneyland Management Limited, to manage HKD on behalf of HKITP</p> <p>This is a happy marriage between a world-class tourism attraction and a world class tourist destination. We hope that Hong Kong Disneyland will not just bring us more tourists, but also wholesome quality entertainment for local families as well. Stephen IP, Hong Kong Secretary for Economic services</p> <p>A Rocky Start</p> <p>4 weeks prior to the official opening, HKD invited 30,000 selected individuals per day to visit the park to test the rides and other attractions.</p> <p>The firs problem noticed was that capacity limit of 30,000 visitors may have been to high.</p> <p>The park faced another problem when inspectors from the Hygiene department were asked to remove their badges and caps .</p> <p>OPERATIONS</p> <p>Product Offerings :</p> <p>Ticket Price HK$ 295 for weekdays &amp; HK$ 350 for weekends &amp; peak days.Special passes HK$ 250 for child &amp; HK$ 200 for seniors aged above 60.Ticket Booking Via website &amp; travel agencies.</p> <p>Classic Attractions</p> <p>Mad hatter Tea Cups</p> <p>Space Mountain</p> <p>Dumbo</p> <p>Mainstreet USA</p> <p>Steam train at Main Street for tour of the park</p> <p>Fantasy Land</p> <p>Sleeping beauty castle</p> <p>Also include Dumbo &amp; Winnie the pooh</p> <p>Mickey, Minnie &amp; other popular Disney characters</p> <p>Adventure land</p> <p>Jungle river cruise</p> <p>Includes Tarzans tree houseFestival of the Lions King Show</p> <p>Tomorrow Land</p> <p>Includes science fiction &amp; space adventures.</p> <p>HKDS Hotel</p> <p>Hong kong Disneyland Hotel</p> <p>Disneys Hollywood Hotel</p> <p>2) Marketing :</p> <p>HKD collaborated with Hong Kong govt. to promote the park.</p> <p>A TV program Magical world of Disneyland was broadcast in Hong Kong.</p> <p>HKD also launched a special TV channel on local cable TV.</p> <p>HKD launched Disney theme on the apparel of Giordano.</p> <p>2) Marketing :</p> <p>HKD outsourced a part of marketing to Color Life magazine to feature the grand opening of HKD.</p> <p>Comp. donated 200 HKD umbrellas to newsstands in Guangzhou to gain more publicity.</p> <p>HKD partnered with Communist Youth League of China to run special events for children (Mickey Mouse drawing competition).</p> <p>3) Human Resource Management :</p> <p>In April 2005 HKD launched one of the citys largest recruitment event.</p> <p>Employees were referred as cast members.</p> <p>In Jan. 2005 HKD sent 500 cultural representatives to Walt Disney World in Orlando for a 6 month training.</p> <p>Hong Kong crew was trained as per the standards set by Walt Disney.</p> <p>3) Human Resource Management :</p> <p>Employees have opportunity to work in various divisions like merchandising, food &amp; beverage operations, park operations, custodial services, hotel operations.</p> <p>Employees were provided with Handbooks by HKD which included all the rules &amp; regulations.</p> <p>4) Local Cultural Responsiveness :</p> <p>Feng Shut masters were consulted for advice on park layout &amp; design.</p> <p>New construction always began with good luck ceremony.</p> <p>A ballroom was constructed to be 888 sq. mt. as 8 was considered lucky no. &amp; signifies good fortune.</p> <p>The Hotels skipped 4th Floor as 4 was considered unlucky by Chinese.</p> <p>4) Local Cultural Responsiveness :</p> <p>Signs in the park were written in both Chinese &amp; English.</p> <p>Adaptation was even in the toilets.</p> <p>Restaurants offer a wide variety ranging from American Burgers &amp; French fries to Chinese dim sum &amp; sweet &amp; sour pork. </p> <p>Hong Kong Disneylands Negative Publicity </p> <p>Flaws in Ticket System</p> <p>Failed to learn the Chinese culture and consumption habit</p> <p>Customers Complaints</p> <p>Statistics</p> <p>HKDs RESPONSE</p> <p>To tackle following problem :- Low park attendance Limited attractionLong queuesDisgruntled employees &amp; guests accounts of rude treatment</p> <p>New Promotions</p> <p>Ticket discounts for local customers (HK$ 50 / US$ 6.41)Ticket express package50,000 taxi drivers were invited to HKD free of charge in given time50% discount to 3 family members or friends of taxi drivers One day trip Guide in Mandarin Launching free to air channel and endorsing the brand by local celebsLocal TVC, Testimonials, Enticing scene from inside HKD</p> <p>Setting The Course For Eventual Success</p> <p>THANK YOU</p>