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  • 7/21/2019 Holi reason



    The Festival of Colors

    A Very Popular Hindu Spring Festival

    Celebrated in many countries.

    Celebrated all over India

    Many Flavors.

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    When is it Celebrated

    Celebrated on the Purnima o! Hindu "unar

    Calendar Month o! Phalgun

    Purnmashi # Purnima # Punam # Full Moon $ay

    "ater part o! February or early March

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    When did it Start

    Very ancient tradition.

    Mentioned in very early religious works such

    as Jaimini's Purvamimamsa-sutras%


    Existed several centuries BE.

    & Vishnu Purana

    & 'hagvatam

    & (ther Historical Scriptures

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    Many )ames o! Holi

    Vasanta Mahotsava! "he #reat $estival o% &asanta ()ring*

    - Most o% the )laces

    Kamotsva* Associated +ith story o! ,ama -he /od o! love0 Dolyatra* Festival o! S+ings

    1 2astern regions o! India

    Phagwah1 A !estival o! Phagun -"ast month o! Hindu calendar0

    1 Many Countries and )orthern regions India Rangapanchami* he colour!ul !i!th day o! Chaitra -First

    month o! Hindu "unar Calendar0

    1 Many regions o! India

    Holi* Most common name

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    Story o! Holi6a

    Hiranyakashipu1 A tyrant the demon 6ing

    Penance - Hiranya6ashipu had a very long and severe penance

    Boon y Brahma1 Made him almost impossible to be 6illed. He +as not be 6illed

    & $uring day time or night

    & Inside a house or outside a house

    & )ot on earth or in s6y

    & )either by a man nor by an animal

    & )either +ith an astra(long range weapons)nor +ith ashastra(short

    range weapons)

    Prahala!1 Hiranya6ashipu7s son +as a great devotee o! "or! #ishnu.Holika* A +ic6ed sister o! Hiranya6ashipu had boon not to be burnt in !ire.

    Holi6a sat +ith Prahalad in !ire. Prahalad came out unhurt and Holi6a tuned

    into ashes.

    Bonfire1 Is lit at night to signi!y burning o! Holi6a% a symbol o! evil.

    Celebration o! victory o! good over evil.

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    Signi!icance o! Holi6a

    & Holi6a 1 A symbol o! evil.

    & Collection o! trash !rom houses collected during !all season

    o! !or several days till Purnima.

    & /oing round -prada6shina0 the pire o! +oods8trash +ith +ater

    to contain evil 9ualities +ithin limits.

    & 'urning the )eem leaves * 'urning the bitterness o! li!e and

    ta6ing up the s+eatened medicinal value o! )eem.

    & Welcoming the Spring season +ith the bon!ire.

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    Holi6a $ahan 1 'on!ire

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    ,ama Mahotsava

    Kama Dev1 he god o! love.$rrow of Kama* ,ama !ired his arro+ o! love at

    "or! %hivato brea6 his penance and help

    Parvatimarry him.

    Kama&s o!y1 'urnt to ashes by the ga:e o! %hiva

    Rati* Wi!e o! ,ama

    For the sa6e o! 3ati -passion0% Shiva resurrected

    ,ama% but only as a astral !orm% representingthe true emotional state o! love rather than

    physical lust.

    Holi 1 Celebrated in commemoration o! the

    resurrection ,ama $ev as the !estival o! colors.

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    & %econ! !ayis celebrated in most part o! India.& People go around until a!ternoon sprin6ling 'ulal

    -colored po+der0 and +ater at each other.

    & A special drin6 is prepared called than!ai+hichcan be laced +ith hang -mild into;icant0

    & At noon% the cra:iness comes to an end and

    everyone heads to either the river% the bathtub or

    s+imming pool.

    & People invite each other to their houses !or feasts

    and celerationslater in the evening

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    Children Celebrating Holi in

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    & Called $huleti in central India

    & Called $hulavad in Maharashtra -+estern India0

    & Called $hul1mati in northern region o! India.

    & Ash !rom the previous night Holi6a is smeared onthe body% and ritual bath is ta6en in the later

    part o! the day in some regions.

    & In some regions $hulandi is played in !irst hal! o!the day% second hal! color po+ered and

    colored +ater are sprin6led on each other and

    evening Abir is smeared on the !orehead.

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    3angapanchami occurs

    !ive days later onPanchami -!i!th day a!ter

    the Poornamashi8!ull

    moon0% mar6ing the endo! !estivities o! colors.

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    /ulal and Colored Po+ders

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    Medical Signi!icance

    & he !estival occurs at the onset o! %pring.

    & (eatherchange%

    & Prone to cause viral feverand col!.

    & 'ulal-Colored Po+der0 1 Made o! me!icinal

    plants li6e

    )eem * A:idaricta Indica

    ,um6um * Colored urmericHaldi 1 urmeric

    'ilva * Fruit bearing medicinal tree

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    Celebration in Vrindavan

    #rin!avan* A city in India +here "or! Krishnagre+ up

    The Festival1 Celebrated !or => days until 3angpanchmi in

    Holy memory o! the divine love o! Ra!ha1Krishna.

    Popularity1 "ord ,rishna is believed to have populari:ed the!estival by playing pran6s on the 'opis.

    Dark Comple)ion of Krishna1 ,rishna used to be complain

    to his mother about the contrast bet+een his dar6

    color and his consort 3adha7s !air color.

    Color on Ra!ha*s Face1 ,rishna7s mother decided to apply

    colour to 3adha7s !ace. he celebrations o!!icially

    usher in spring% the season of love.

    Since ages Holi is the most popular !estival o! Vrindavan.

  • 7/21/2019 Holi reason


    ,rishna Celebrating HoliA painting o! 3a?sthani style at the Smithsonian Institute%

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    Holi in Mathura

    Holi +as also the name o! a !emale demon

    Putana +ho tried to ,rishna% by !eeding him

    poisoned nipples to suc6le. he miracle baby,rishna suc6ed so intensely that he drained the

    she demon o! her li!e. She +as burnt on the

    pyre ne;t day.

    It is one o! the ma?or celebrations in Mathura.

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    +conomic %ignificance

    & A Festival to Celebrate /ood Harvest

    and Fertility o! "and

    & )e+ Seasonal Crop comes home during


    & A Festival o! Farmers

    & India +as a land o! !armers8villagers

    & Importance !or business community as ne+

    purchases are made on this occasion.

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    Social Signi!icance

    & /athering o! people !rom di!!erent sections o! society

    irrespective o! their social and economic status

    & Coming together o! males and !emales to sprin6le

    colors on each other& 2nacting divine love o! 3adha1,rishna

    & Forgiving enmities and shed di!!erences

    & eenagers spend the day celebrating in the streets

    & Adults e;tend the hand o! peace and !riendship& People en?oy sprin6ling abir% gulal and colored

    +ater on each other

    & $istribution o! s+eets and having !east together.

    &Family /et1ogether

  • 7/21/2019 Holi reason


    Invincible $hundhi

    +n the ancient time, during the reign o% very %irst king, Prithu,

    there was a terrile ogress called hundhi. (he had

    )er%ormed severe )enances and had won several oons

    %rom the deities that made her almost invincile. (he loved

    to devour children. /owever, due to a curse o% 0ord (hiva,she was not so immune to the )ranks and auses o% young

    oys. 1ne day, the courageous oys o% the village decided

    to get rid o% her %orever. "hey got intoxicated on haang and

    drunk and then %ollowed hundhi eyond the oundary o%the village, eating drums, making loud noise, shouting

    oscenities and hurling insults at her and continued doing

    this until she le%t the village %or good. "his is the reason that

    even today young oys are allowed to indulge themselves

    in rowdiness, using rude words and intoxication on /oli.

  • 7/21/2019 Holi reason


    Dolapurnima or Dolayatra

    Instead o% the exuerant and 2oyous celerations that are witnessed

    elsewhere, Bengal oserves this %estival in a 3uiet and digni%ied

    manner as ola)urnima or olayatra the %estival o% the swing*. "he

    %estival, said to have een initiated y the king +ndradyumn in&rindavan. +t is s)read over 4 or 5 days, starting %rom the sukla

    haturdasi67th* o% Phalguna month. 8 celeration in honor o% 8gni

    "he $ire #od* and worshi) o% #ovinda Krishna* in image on a swing

    are the im)ortant %eatures. "he %ire kindled on the %irst day is to e

    )reserved till the last day. "he swing is to e rocked 96 times at theend o% the %estival.

    The day is also celerated as the irthday o% the great )oet saint, (ri

    Krishna haitanya 8.. 67:;-6544*, in Bengal, 1rissa, Mathura and


    the %estival o% the swing

    he Festival o! S+ings

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    eleration in Pusti-Marga "em)les

    Pushti-Marga temples, spread throughout North and

    Western States of India, celebrate the festival in a wa

    reminiscent of ra!put courts" The #eit are liberall

    sprin$led with perfumes, saffron water, $esudo, and

    covered in sandalwood as well as the white and pin$

    powder, abir and gulal" %oous celebration isaccompanied b classical music, poetr and fol$ songs

    appropriate for the occasion" #eit&s white clothes& are

    soon transformed into a mass of color as gold and silver

    sringes spra colorful water on all participants" Thecelebrations officiall usher in the pleasant season of

    love, spring" In the Pushti-Marga temples, the festivities

    last for almost a month" 'eginning on the da of Vasant-

    Panchami, the festivals last till the da after (oli" This

    helps to prolong the season of divine love and !o"

  • 7/21/2019 Holi reason


    (ther 3egional Celebrations

    ribesmen in central India celebrate in

    old traditional +ays.

    In the to+ns o! 3a?asthan 1 2specially@aisalmer 1 the music7s great% and

    clouds o! pin6% green% and tur9uoise

    po+der !ill the air.