hipster learning: preparing for jobs that don't exist yet

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Hipster Learning: Preparing for Jobs That Don't Exist Yet


  • 1. Hipster LearningCindy Royal, Ph.D.School of Journalism and Mass CommunicationTexas State Universitycindyroyal.comFind this presentation at slideshare.net/cindyroyalAccompanying video at youtube.com/watch?v=-DwXWXyQot8

2. Hipster Learning Driven by technological advances, themedia environment continues to experiencerapid change Students have to learn current concepts,but also must be prepared to grasp newideas and apply them in their workplaces Todays students are preparing for jobs thatdont exist yet, and graduates are expectedto be immediately productive in definingand shaping these new roles. Social media editors Community managers Programmer/developer roles in communication companies 3. Maira Garcia Statesman, Social Media Editor Now Web Producer atThe New York Times Undergrad and Grad at TXSTJackie Baylon Digital First Media, NYC,News Producer Undergrad TXST 4. Josh Shepherd Interactive Manager and Strategist, MOSAK Advertising and Insights Grad at TXSTShannon Delaney Digital Marketing Coordinator,MOSAK Advertising and Insights Grad at TXST 5. Jordan Viator Slabaugh Interactive Communications Manager,Spredfast Previously, Director of Social Media,Convio Undergrad and Grad at TXSTAndrew Waldrup Social Support, Spredfast Previously Culture Evangelist at Gowalla Undergrad TXST 6. Nicole Martinez Social Media Specialist,HomeAway Grad at TXSTMairin Heard Social Media Specialist, HomeAway Undergrad and Grad TXST 7. Ashley Hebler Junior Front-End Web Developer,Volusion Grad at TXST Doug Seliger Junior Developer, Mason-Zimbler Undergrad & Grad at TXST 8. Haley Peck Front-end Web Developer,Blackbaud Undergrad at TXST Matt Slabaugh Interactive Designer, Sparksight Undergrad at TXST 9. Dee Kapila Digital Strategist/Technology Consultant,The University of Texas Grad at TXSTKristin McCasland Web and Social Media Editor,Rice University Undergrad and Grad TXST 10. Sarah Garcia SXSW, Interactive ProgrammingCoordinator Undergrad and Grad TXST Andrew McNeill SXSW, Festival Coordinator Also Staff Writer, 48 Min of Hell blog Undergrad TXST 11. Questions How can you best prepare to work in an environment thatrequires flexibility and innovation? How should you develop a mindset for learning ratherthan an emphasis on specific tool training or a particularskill set? How can anyone apply this model throughout a career? 12. Realities Computers will be a part of most any career you choose. Social media is not just something you do for fun. People will get information in a variety of embedded andatmospheric ways. Data, data everywhere. Game dynamics will informstorytelling. Things change. Rapidly. 13. General Curriculum Approach Courses cover the realm of conceptual/theoretical to basicskills to advanced tech Balance emphasis on communication, design anddevelopment in projects Engagement with social media; blogs, Twitter,Facebook Attention to current events in tech Focus on judgment, problem-solving and troubleshooting A digital media emphasis: centers, projects, events Faculty development Professional community ties 14. Experience Learning SXTXState.com TXStateofChange.com 15. Alumni Connections 16. Make Things Strong online portfolio Start a blog Learn to shoot and editvideo and audio Take things to the next level Promote work on socialmedia Make it easy for someoneto contact you 17. Network! Both online and offline Develop a professional social presence; positive,interesting, passionate Connect with professionals Attend meetups 18. Stay up-to-date Read blogs and tech publications Try out new platforms Do tutorials Pay attention 19. How Employers Deal What are employers looking for? Flexible Problem-solving Self-starter Curious about tech; ability to learn on ones own Passionate about field as demonstrated on social media Creative side projects 20. Distance Education/Lifelong Learning Be prepared to learn throughout life Seek out online resources, YouTube tutorials, Lynda.com,CodeAcademy.com Free or inexpensive workshops in your area Talks at meetup groups Make friends with people who know things and can helpyou Seek an advanced degree Demonstrate what you have learned! 21. Thank You!Find this presentation at slideshare.net/cindyroyalAccompanying video atyoutube.com/watch?v=-DwXWXyQot8 22. The following slides contain additionalinfo on Texas States School ofJournalism and Mass CommunicationDigital Media curriculum 23. Undergraduate Curriculum Fundamentals of Digital/Online Media new core class Web Design and Publishing Multimedia Journalism Digital Storytelling 24. Graduate Curriculum Issues in New Media Online Media Design Advanced Online Media Content Management Systems