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PowerPoint highlighting Hilsman Middle School's Science & Energy Team's unique support of UNICEF through Trick or Treating and a Trash Hunger Campaign.


  • 1. Hilsman Middle School Supporting UNICEF Trick or Treat for UNICEF Rise Up, Recycle, & Trash Hunger 2013-2014 School Year

2. Trick or Treat for UNICEF & Recycle @ Hilsman Middle School The Hilsman Green Team began its first year of operation. A student from each homeroom manages that classrooms recycling. These students also pitch in and help Connections classrooms recycle. A special team of 6th graders along with School Resource Officer Rivera and Mr. Gaddis manage the cafeteria recycling. 3. Trick or Treat for UNICEF & Recycle @ Hilsman Middle School Green Team members recycled classroom and lunchroom waste daily. The Green Team recycled plastics, metals, cardboard, and aluminum cans. 7,060 pounds of waste was recycled in the recycling containers at HMS. 4. HMS: Trick or Treat for UNICEF Students told parents, other students, and staff members about our Halloween Project - Trick or Treating for UNICEF. Students were happy to turn in their UNICEF Trick or Treat boxes! We collected over $120 for UNICEF! 5. Trash Hunger @ Hilsman Middle School The Hilsman Science & Energy Team is an after-school group that works to educate others about the conservation of resources. Many Science & Energy Team members are also Green Team members. Non-traditional waste items are collected and sold to recyclers. The money earned from this recycling campaign is donated to the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia and UNICEF. This campaign is our schools Trash Hunger Campaign. She made her hair-bow from a recycled juice pouch and her pencils are kept in a pencil pouch made from recycled juice pouches. Kids that recycle can enter a drawing to win prizes like this or a Panthers Recycle t- shirt. The Science & Energy Team sponsors the prizes as a part of the Trash Hunger Campaign. 6. Trash Hunger @ Hilsman Middle School The Science & Energy Team partnered with Terra Cycle and a local recycler for the Trash Hunger Campaign. We recycled: 213 juice pouches, 1838 chip bags, 1338 candy wrappers, 90 glue sticks, 747 energy bar wrappers, 15 computers, 30 cell phones, 92 ink cartridges , 115 pounds of aluminum cans, & 3 trailer loads of assorted electronics. $195.40 was earned for the Trash Hunger Campaign and donated to UNICEF. 7. Expanding the Trash Hunger Campaign We partnered with a local recycler to host an electronics recycling drive at an area elementary school. We collected ~2,500 pounds of electronic waste! Once all of the electronics are broken down, the parts will be sold to specific industrial recyclers. The earnings from this waste will be donated to UNICEF. 8. Expanding the Trash Hunger Campaign SET members braved a cold and rainy day to help kids in need! We collected 3 trailer loads of electronics and metals for recycling. 9. Expanding the Trash Hunger Campaign Mr. Chuck Jones, local recycler, explains the benefits of recycling electronic waste to SET members and details how items collected are to be sorted. SET members in action unloading a van of electronics. Some even had a little fun while on the job! Double click to play the video. Arielle checks out a box of speakers someone brought in to recycle. 10. Expanding the Trash Hunger Campaign Other schools and businesses are satellite collection sites for Trash Hunger Campaign items! As we earn money for new recycling containers, we are expanding. Below is a list of our new partners: Oconee County High School Pawtropolis ShirtWorks Krimson Kafe Athens West Cleaners (both locations) 11. Trash Hunger: After the Holidays We partnered with a local recycler to collect and recycle paper and cardboard after Christmas. A roll-off dumpster for recycling these items was placed at a local elementary school. A trailer load of waste paper was collected for recycling! 12. Supporting UNICEF @ Hilsman Middle School Hilsman Middle School is committed to Trashing Hunger! We recycle items and donate our earnings to UNICEF. This is the 2nd year of our Trash Hunger Campaign. We participated in Trick or Treat for UNICEF. The 2013-2014 school year was our 1st year of participation.