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  • Brush Plating Process Brookfronics Engineering Corp. Valencia, Wif.

    Brooktronics Engineering Corp.s BEC 455 Zinc-Tin VLHE is the latest solution in the companys line for cad- mium replacement. The deposits ex- ceed the requirements of QQ-P-416 and feature salt spray corrosion resis- tance in excess of 570 hours without Type II coating and 740 hours with Type II coating, conformance to low hydrogen embrittlement requirements and does not require a post-plate bake, and easy application of Type II conver- sion coatings.

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    Haze Measurement Instrument BYK-Gardner USA Columbia, Md.

    BYK-Gardners Micro-Haze Plus portable haze measurement instrument combines 20 gloss measurement and haze measurement in one instrument. Its simple operation will make it pos-

    sible for paint producers and paint us- ers to objectively assess high-quality paint surfaces as well as to analyze failures in the production process.

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    High-Temperature Polyester Masking Tape Caplugs Div., Protective Closures Co. Inc. Buffalo, N. Y

    Caplugs new line of polyester mask- ing tape is available in three styles ideal for masking applications during powder coating, plating, and finishing. Series Circle 410 on the reader service card

    No More Holes for Exhaust Ducting with the ET-COMPmION

    When installed with an EVAPORATIVE TANKTM,the ET- Condenser Cornpanion CondenserTM removes water from the evaporators air exhaust. The dry air is returned to the EVAPORATIVE TANKTM to work again.

    BENEFITS l No more holes in your roof for exhaust ducting. No

    need for permits from the air quality people: this is a completely closed-loop air system.

    l Recovers all water that is evaporated. Todays regula- tions require recovery of resources wherever possi- ble. It makes economic sense, and removes the need for permits. Reuse your rinse water.

    l Eliminates the air make-up problem. The same air is used over and over again. No need to heat or air con- dition replacement air - saving thousands of dollars.


    777 E. 82ND ST.. CLEVELAND, OHIO 44103 (216) 391 -POLY (7659)

    FAX (216) 881-8991 Evaporative TankTM Patent # 4,790,904

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