HGH and Bodybuilding Will HGH Really Help You Build Muscle? by Andre Martin

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<ol><li> 1. HGH and Bodybuilding Will HGH Really Help You Build Muscle? by Andre Martin Human growth hormone (HGH) is present in all of us. It is the basic reason why children grow taller, develop muscles and finally reach puberty. However, biologically the growth hormone levels in humans reduce considerably after reaching puberty. This is the reason why people dont grow taller after a certain age. It is not only about growing taller, but even muscle mass and other internal organs of the body cease to grow any more. HGH and bodybuilding share a love-hate relationship. If used proportionately and under supervision, then HGH injections at a later stage in life can enhance muscle mass in humans. However, this is a sort of substance abuse. Hence, it has its share of side effects as well. If not taken in controlled amounts, HGH can lead to various skin diseases, organ deformities, and even diabetes. Excess growth of muscles physically pushes against organs like the kidney, heart and lungs. Therefore, this leads to various medical complications. The hormone may also interact with other hormones of the body and affect the nervous system. Behavioral changes are common in those who take HGH supplements to gain muscle mass. Since HGH is found in the body naturally, supplements of it can be considered to be taken to enhance muscle mass. However, HGH and bodybuilding should not be thought as complimentary. There are other ways to gain muscle mass which are part of workout regimes. Those should be followed as well. Medical substances have their share of complications. Creutzveldt Jacob Disease is a disease that is associated with excessive use of HGH for a long period of time. It has proved to be fatal for most of its patients. Although it is not too common among people, this disease is dangerous, and HGH supplement has been sighted as a key causative factor. There are HGH supplements that are formulated from natural growth hormones. Supplements of </li><li> 2. these have worse effects on the human body than those that are artificially made through chemical imitation at the laboratory. HGH and bodybuilding have been associated with each other for a long time. Since the level of growth hormone in humans fall after a certain age, many individuals might be dissatisfied with their physical proportions. They might be interested in enhancing some parts of their body by taking supplements of growth hormones to gain muscle mass. The most common users of HGH are those that belong to the entertainment industry. Professional wrestlers, who are progenex lawsuit expected to look like huge, hulking creatures might depend on HGH progenex lawsuit to literally build their body to that proportion. Actors take growth hormones to get rid of their lanky appearance and gain muscle mass in a short time. It is far easier this way rather than slogging in the gym to gain that mass. Most of the side effects known regarding the use of HGH are through customer feedback. Other problems faced by those who have used the supplement include muscle cramps while performing any physical activity, especially when that body part is not covered or clothed. </li></ol>