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Make this Labor Day about happiness! This day is not about work. On this day you’re not a worker/employee/employer/manager/assistant etc. This day is about meaning and happiness. Happiness is the new 8h goal. A hundred and twenty years ago we rebelled against the injustice of a job taking over our lives. Not being able to enjoy our family, our homes and our passions made us stand up and demand more from life. At that time it was about working hours. Today it’s about the meaning in our work, the happiness we have the right to aspire to. Instead of going to work and waiting to go home every day, without anything remarkable happening, choose to make your work matter.


  • In its essence, Labor Day is about challenging the status quo.
  • In the late 80s, people all around the world united for a common purpose: The 8h working day
  • This Labor Day we are challenging another status quo. We want more than a job. We want to be happy at work.
  • Today it is about the meaning in our work, the happiness we have the right to aspire to.
  • If you want to be happy at work, try doing more of this:
  • Figure out new ways to solve problems. 1.
  • Come up with your own projects. 2.
  • Mentor your younger colleagues. 3.
  • Surpass yourself in both results and skills. 4.
  • Balance your work life and your personal life. 5.
  • Find time for yourself and your own projects. 6.
  • Remove all unwanted distractions and focus. 7.
  • And do less of this:
  • Procrastinating. 1.
  • Settling for being comfortable. 2.
  • Engaging in office gossip or politics. 3.
  • Religiously checking your watch to see if its 5 yet. 4.
  • Browsing the Internet with no intelligent outcome. 5.
  • Thinking youre too good or too old to learn something new. 6.
  • Join our Union and sign the Happiness Manifesto!
  • How are you celebrating Labor Day? Tweet us @gethppy using #LaborDay!
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