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Download Heavy Metals-free general PurPose Masking taPe ?· Heavy Metals-free general PurPose Masking taPe ...…

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    Heavy Metals-free

    general PurPose Masking taPe

    CP 631 general Purpose Colored Masking tape

    CP 631 is a colored masking tape which can be used for a variety of tasks including labeling, color-coding, decorating, packaging, holding, banding and more. The 12 available colors make arts & crafts projects all the more fun to tackle.

    This is the only tape of its type on the market that has been tested against US government standards for the absence of heavy metals that could be harmful to your health (signified by the ASTM D-4236 checkmark in the core). CP 631 is silicone-free and its core is made of a paper material that is > 90% post-consumer waste, so we are doing our part for the environment.

    When you want your work to stand apart from the rest, use a tape that does the same CP 631.

    www.shurtape.com 1.888.442.taPe

  • www.shurtape.com 1.888.442.taPe

    Heavy Metals-free

    general PurPose Masking taPe

    tensile strength 18 lbs/in width

    adhesion to stainless steel 30 oz/in width

    thickness 4.6 mils

    elongation 8 %

    CP 631

    Crepe Paper Masking tape for

    general purpose use in packaging,

    bundling, holding, binding, splicing,

    labeling, color coding, banding,

    decorating and identification on a

    variety of substrates.



    ASTM D-4236*


    Tapecore 90%

    post-consumer waste

    iso 9001 Certified Quality systeM 2012 Shurtape Technologies, LLC Shurtape are registered trademarks of Shurtape Technologies, LLC. Printed in USA on recycled paper.Form #SS-CP631-08/17/2012-P1M

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    ChinaThis product has been found to conform to the Consumer Product Safety Commissions (CPSC) Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act (LHAMA) using a 3rd party toxicologist under ASTM D-4236. LHAMA requires that arts & crafts products sold in the US be reviewed in this manner to determine if any hazardous materials are present through normal product use and to warn consumers if such hazardous materials exist through specific language dictated by a toxicologist. The statement Conforms to ASTM D-4236 indicates a toxicologist has reviewed the product and has found no hazardous materials present that would require a warning statement.

    * Meets CPsC requirements through conformance with astM d-4236