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For the high security purposes Mr. Locksmith Northshore provides heavy duty door locks that require professional skill and tools to install. They are especially designed to resilient to physical attacks.To know more view these slides


  • HigH Security LockS
  • High Security Locks High security locks are heavy duty door locks that require professional skill and tools to install. They are designed to be especially resilient to physical attacks. Furthermore, all high- security locks are pick resistant, drill resistant andbump proof. It is quick and easy to upgrade your current deadbolt to our high-security variant, and installing a high-security system is as easy as installing a regular deadbolt.
  • High Security Locks High Security Lock Features: Bump Proof Pick Resistant Drill Resistant Solid brass collar spins under pressure to prevent wrench attacks.
  • High Security Locks Mostdeadboltsin use today are not bump proof or pick resistant, but High Security bump proof locks do exist. Mr. Locksmithsisthe leading provider of high security deadbolts. We keep several brands of high- security locks on stock at all times.
  • Schlage primus Has an exclusive key blank with tight key duplication controls. For more than 85 years Schlage has been providing innovative security solutions. Today, Schlage is at the forefront of cutting-edge security technology.
  • Assa Considered the first choice for a wide variety of security applications, ASSA High Security Locks has manufactured premier locks for industry, military, and institutions worldwide.
  • Our Special Offer Mr. Locksmith Northshore has a special offer on high security deadbolts specifically designed for North Vancouver and West Vancouverhomes. The special includes: UL listed high-security deadbolt Free keys Wrap aroundstrike plate(doubles the strength of your door) Free high-security exclusive keyway Free keys
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