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<ul><li> 1. Healthy Eating For Your KidsIn the day and age when kids thrive on burgers and pizzas in school and at universities, at least intheir childhood, most parents want t feed their kids with healthy lunch, breakfast and dinner! Ofcourse, it is easier said than done because most parents are working and cooking something athome every day, might be challenging. But, having said that, it is not an impossible task. fact,there are many healthy recipes and ways to cook that are easy and kids will love them!Best food for your childGoing out for meals once in a while with your child is a great idea but if you want to maintain ahealthy diet, especially for kids, there are many small things that you can do which will make ahuge impact: First and foremost thing to do is cut down on meals outside. We all love burgers,cheese pizza, shakes etc. especially the kids. But try to have a control over the kids. May beonce a week might be a good idea but every day is definitely an unhealthy idea. Instill the senseof healthy living in your child from the beginning itself.Did you know that eating your meals together is a great idea for some family time and researchstates that a home cooked meal, if had together, is more healthy physically and emotionally!Parents can control the child`s food manners, intake etc. if they are all together. Insist on thechild having more veggies and salads during meal time.If your child is old enough (may be 5 and older), involve them in some small tasks like mixing abowl of salad or setting up the dining table. This process will give you a chance to explain thekid about healthy food, healthy diet etc.Kids usually imitate their parents. Thus, a role model is very important. Parents should avoidunhealthy dinners so that it indirectly conveys a healthy message to the kid! As parents, pleasedo the necessary research to know what is best for your child and at what age!</li></ul>