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  • Avoid These Five (5) Health Insurance Myths


  • Health insurance company would pay all my health care


    The First Myth Is:

    FACT: You needs to pay some out-of-pocket expenses for your health bills by


    Only the selected health care types supported by your policy would be paid

    for by your health insurance company.

    there are some cost sharing clauses in your health policy which would

    mandate it that you should pay deductibles, copays, and coinsurance.

  • Health Insurance Doesnt Pay for Elective Surgery


    The Second Myth Is:

    FACT: Health Insurance pays for all forms of elective surgeries, but exempt payment for not

    medically important surgeryies

    You need to get a clear understanding of the differences between a not medically

    important surgery and an elective surgery. Note, that most medically not necessary

    surgeries are also elective in nature. But elective surgeries are not a medically not

    necessary surgery.

    Healthy insurance companies do pay for elective surgeries but not for not medically

    important surgery.

  • I have to pay a penalty tax for not having health insurance.


    The Third Myth Is:

    FACT: Although you are required to pay a shared responsibility payment anytime

    you file a federal income tax as a person whom is not having health


    The affordable care act also made room for some slide exemption to this

    payment, based on genuine facts and conditions of the citizen.


    Third Facts Continues..

    The Affordable Care Act made a way for some people to be exempted from the compulsory health insurance for any of the below circumstances:

    If it would prevent you from paying all your utility bills.

    If health coverage would cost anyone more than 8 % of his

    total household income.

    If you will be having an unexpected expenses due to caring

    for an elderly relative

  • Health Insurance is not Affordable for me.

    The Fourth Myth Is:

    FACTS: There are alternative helps to leverage the burden of you paying in excess

    of what you cant bear. Example of such alternative is the Health Insurance


    Health subsidy would help you out if you cant afford to pay your health

    insurance premium.

    You dont need to be totally poor before you can be eligible for the

    government health insurance subsidy. Eligibility for health subsidy is

    totally determined by your income status and NOT by your assets.

  • I Have a Pre-Existing Condition, I Cant Get

    Health Insurance cover.

    The Fifth Myth Is:

    FACT S: It is very true that previously in time past, getting a health coverage for

    someone with a pre-existing condition is really out of reach, and if anyone

    with a pre-existing condition would get a health insurance policy at all, he

    would have to pay a high fees and premium due to his health circumstance.

    However, with the affordable care act, there is opportunity for anyone with

    a pre-existing condition to get health cover without paying high rate..