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Health Benefits of Eating Sapodilla

About SapodillaIn India chikoo is also called as Sapota, which is a very familiar fruit. It generally belongs to the family i.e. sapotaceae. It is also called as Noseberry, Mud Apples and Sapodilla Plum. It is generally a delicate brown fruit having sweet and yummy taste. It consists of black bean shaped seeds and its texture is similar to that of a kiwi fruit.

What is Good About SapodillaFruit?

This fruit is rich in certain in components as mentioned below:

Basic components:Proteins- 748 mg.Water- 133gAsh- 0.8g.

Nutrition facts:Calories- 83Total fat- 1.1gCholesterol- 0mg.Sodium- 12mg.Potassium- 193mg.Total carbohydrate- 20g.Dietary fiber- 5g

Vitamins and minerals in sapodillaVitamins and minerals:

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate andPantothenic acid.


Calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper and selenium.

Top Health Benefits of Eating Sapodilla

If you add this fruit in your daily diet it will help you very effectively as mentioned below:1. Sapodilla for Immunity:If one wants to improve their immunity level then consider this fruit as it consists of iron, potassium, copper, vitamin A and C, niacin, folate etc. A strong immune system will help in keeping the diseases and infections at bay this is the reason that one should eat this fruit every day.

2. Sapodilla for Healthy Bones:Calcium, phosphorus and iron are needed by bones in order to increase their endurance. This fruit is rich in calcium, iron and phosphorus. Moreover this fruit is perfect in increasing and strengthening the bones.

3. Sapodilla Prevents Constipation:This fruit is fully packed with dietary fibres which is perfect in keeping the bowel movements regular. Moreover because of its soft texture it makes it very perfect laxative.


Top Health Benefits of Eating Sapodilla

4. Sapodilla have Haemostatic Properties:This herb is having the haemostatic properties which mean it is beneficial in stopping the blood loss. Hence it is good in reducing the bleeding in case of piles and injuries. The ground seeds of this fruit can be applied in the form of paste in order eliminate the stings and insect bites.

5. Sapodilla for Mental Health:This fruit consist of sedative properties. Because of presence of the sucrose contents in chikoo it helps in calming the nerves at a larger extend, and stress relief too is possible. Moreover those who are suffering from anxiety, insomnia and depression should take a bowl of chikoo at least once in a day.

6. Sapodilla for Better Vision:This fruit is rich in Vitamin A and this vitamin is necessary for maintaining good vision. So, feed chikoo to your kids in order to have better eyesight.

Top Health Benefits of Eating Sapodilla

7. Sapodilla for Weight Loss:

This fruits helps in secretion of certain digestive enzymes which is beneficail in speeding up the metabolic rate. When your rate of metabolism is high, indirectly you lose weight.

8. Sapodilla Seeds for Dandruff:

Firstly crush the seeds of chikoo and mixed it with castor oil.Now gently massage your hair with this oil and remain it for overnight.Next day wash your hair and you will remove all the dandruff which is troubling you.

Top Health Benefits of Eating Sapodilla

9. Sapodilla for Eliminating the Kidney Stones:

The seeds of the chikoo that you generally throw away contain diuretic properties. Go for the crushed seed of chikoo which is beneficial in eliminating the stones from your kidneys.

10.Sapodilla for Cold and Cough:

Enough quantity of Vitamin C in chikoo makes it very effective against cough and cold. Having this fruit on regular basis is beneficial in curing the chronic cold infections.

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