Health Benefits of Eating Figs

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Health Benefits of Eating Figs

Figs (Ficus carica) is an Asian speciesof flowering plantbelonging to the family i.e. mulberry, generally known as common fig.Figs or anjeer are considered as one of the best nutritional food in the world because it contains several nutrients which can make this food very beneficial for health.

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Calories -107Total fat-0.1 gCholesterol-0 mgSodium-1 mgPotassium-97 mgTotal carbohydrate- 28 gProtein-0.4 g

Nutritional Value Present in Figs

Health Benefits of Eating Figs

Figs for bronchitis:Figs leaves make an ideal base for tea. The leaf tea of Figs has been widely prescribed for certain respiratory situations like bronchitis, and it is also used to prevent and reduces the symptoms of asthmatic patients.

Health Benefits of Eating Figs

Figs is rich in fiber:Figs is a rich of source fiber, having 4-5 grams per fruit versus dates which have around 2-3 grams. Figs helps in better digestive health, effective in relieving from constipation, and contribute to a better heart health.

Health Benefits of Eating Figs

Figs for diabetes:Figs is a rich source of potassium, so they are effective in lowering the insulin. If you want to control diabetes then eat it on regular basis. Take fig seeds with 1 teaspoon of honey. If you want good result do this for 1 week.

Health Benefits of Eating Figs

Health Benefits of Eating Figs

Figs for throat pain:Figs are rich in mucilage content which is effective in healing and protecting the sore throats. The soothing nature of figs and on the vocal chords its natural juices are effective in relieving from the pain and stress.

Figs in urinary calcium loss:One who maintains the high-sodium diet is generally affected by enhancing theurinary calcium loss. Figs contains potassium which is effective in avoiding that situation and effective in flushing out the content of waste in your urine. It is also effective in minimizing the calcium loss, while enhancing the amount of uric acid and other hazardous toxins which you want to remove out from your body.

Health Benefits of Eating Figs

Other Health Benefits of Eating Figs

Effective for hypertension.

In venereal disease.

Effective in preventing from the macular degeneration.

Effective in reducing the cholesterol level.

In weight loss.

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